ECMI Library Networking Cooperation

The ECMI Library participates in library networks on the generic cialis next day delivery regional, national and cialis in australia European level.

On the regional level, the ECMI Library participates in regular meetings of the cialis professional German-Danish Library Forum in which issues relating to library matters in this region are discussed, such as for example library staff exchange between Denmark and buy viagra Germany, events such as conferences for librarians, as well as lectures from famous authors, and etc.

On the national level, the ECMI Library participates in regular meetings of the Information Network International Relations and viagra sample viagra india Area Studies. This Network maintains the viagra generic canada online database World Affairs Online. The ECMI Library indexes all ECMI publications, including chapters of the European Yearbook of Minority Issues, JEMIE articles, and all ECMI Issue Briefs, ECMI Working Papers and best way to take cialis ECMI Reports, as well as relevant journal articles, including also for example articles from European Diversity and viagra sales canada Autonomy Papers [EURAC] in World Affairs Online. Where possible, links to full text of articles are included in World Affairs Online.

On the European level, the ECMI Library participates in EINIRAS, the European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies. EINIRAS is an association of European research institutions that deal with information and viagra overnight delivery documentation on international relations and area studies in research and generic cialis online political practice. The long-term objective of EINIRAS is to establish a common European data-base on international relations and area studies.

In addition to the above, the ECMI Library has written library exchange agreements (Memorandums of Understanding) with the OSCE HCNM Library, the SIPRI Library, the EURAC Library, the Library of the Südostinstitut and purchase cialis online the IFSH Library in order to promote resource sharing.

ECMI founders:

The German Federal GovernmentThe German
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