ECMI Framework Strategy

After twelve years of pioneering work, ECMI has reached the time where strategies for its sustainability are to be defi ned. At the same time, minority politics in Europe has entered a new phase. Within the territory of the European Union (EU), minority politics is now in a transition period of moving from the conflict management of the last decade of the 20th century to a postconflict mode of diversity management of the early 21st century. In the EU’s neighbourhood, conflict management remains the main issue but attention has moved to implementation of minority governance through democratic and economic development co-operation as well.

Minority politics is thus seeing a trend of moving from the macro level to the micro level. This means operationalization of minority rights and governance. It is therefore an opportune moment for ECMI to pause for refl ection and reframing. This Framework Strategy sets out ECMI’s aims and purpose in the pursuit of new goals as a leading research and competence institution in minority research and minority governance.

With this statement we seek to communicate to ECMI’s environment, partners, stakeholders as well as potential and existing networks our aim to redefine our mission and frame a new vision in light of the changes in Europe. We hope to project our values and sharpen the tools with which we plan to operate. But most importantly, we hope that this Framework Strategy will be seen as the beginning of an ongoing exchange about ECMI’s work as we believe that dialogue with all our partners and stakeholders is enriching to our existance as an institution.

We will not be starting from scratch. Our mandate continues to be a core pillar of our raison d’etre.

ECMI founders:

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