ECMI is a member institute of the European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies EINIRAS. EINIRAS is an association of European research institutions that deal with information and documentation on international relations in research and political practice. The seven-language European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies, a terminological handbook for specialized documentation, was developed in the framework of EINIRAS. The long term objective of EINIRAS is to establish a common European database on international relations and area studies. The short-term objectives include the expansion of practical cooperation and the exchange of information, bibliographical data, and publications. Member institutions include the Council of Europe, the European Union Institute for Security Studies, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik SWP), the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). EINIRAS holds an annual conference at one of the member institutes, as well as task group working meetings.

ECMI is a member institute of the Specialized Information Network International relations and Area Studies (FIV-IBLK). This is a consortium of twelve independent German research institutes aimed at the establishment of common information resources. The IREON Gateway provides a central point of access for scholarly literature in the field of international relations and area studies.

The Network's database World Affairs Online (WAO) is one of the largest bibliographical databases on social sciences in Europe and reflects the main areas of interest of the member institutes. The database now holds more than 800,000 references to articles /chapters from periodicals and books (55%); monographs, reports (27%); official publications (4,5%). The database is updated regularly. The database provides specialized information chiefly for those involved in research and politics, but also for the public. In offering this service the Network fulfils the objectives laid down in successive German government programs for specialized information.

The Consortium of Minority Resources (COMIR) is an internet-based cooperative project that aims at promoting the free flow of information and dialogue in the field of ethnic relations, multicultural politics and minority rights. COMIR aims to establish a clearing-house of information and activities relevant to Europe (OSCE region) to support democratic governance of multi-ethnic and multinational societies. To this end, COMIR develops and promotes virtual libraries, mailing lists, a database of full text documents, training materials, etc. Major initiatives include a Virtual Library, coordinated mailing lists, a meta-search engine across founders' web sites, a Minority Rights Practitioners Resource Pack, a best practice database, curriculum development and advocacy training. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of COMIR in reaching its goals and objectives, COMIR founding members have begun seven projects. The contact person for this project is Wes McKinney, For further information on COMIR, please refer to the following site:

COMIR member information

Minority Electronic Resources MINELRES
This is the web site of the MINELRES discussion list on minority issues in Central and Eastern Europe. Valuable reports and summaries on legislation, NGOs, and the status of specific minorities can be found here.

The Center for Documentation and Information on Minorities in Europe-Southeast Europe (CEDIME-SE), operated by Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group - Greece, prepares comprehensive reports on minorities in Southeast Europe, available on its site. These reports provide researchers, students, journalists and also intergovernmental and non-governmental bodies with updated information on the minorities in this region. CEDIME- SE manages the Balkan Human Rights Web Pages, the Balkan Human Rights List and the Greek Human Rights List where relevant information on the Balkan region is uploaded and/or disseminated to European and North American recipients.

Balkan Academic News
This mailing list encompasses over 5000 scholars, activists, government officials, students and others from or interested in Southeastern Europe. It is intended to serve as a network for the exchange of academic information on the Balkans.

The Forum Minority Research Institute
The Forum Minority Research Institute is an independent nongovernmental organization that has implemented a variety of programs during its existence. It is a nonpartisan entity that has focused on the most urgent policy problems of the transition process. Providing full-scale service for the civic organizations, research on the economic and social problems of democratic consolidation, this institute is devoted to the strengthening of civil society in Slovakia.

Open Society Justice Initiative
Colpi - The Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute - has been reconstituted as the Open Society Justice Initiative.

International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights IHF
IHF is a self-governing group of non-governmental, not- for-profit organizations that act to protect human rights throughout Europe, North America, and the Central Asian republics formed from the territories of the former Soviet Union. A primary specific goal is to monitor compliance with the human rights provisions of the Helsinki Final Act and its Follow-up documents.

Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative LGI
The development of democratic and effective government at sub-national levels remains one of the central tasks of the transition. The sharing of expertise between countries can contribute significantly to the reform process in the region. Thus an important overall goal of LGI is the forging of sustainable regional networks of institutions and specialists involved in the study and reform of local government.

European Roma Rights Center ERRC
The European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) is an international public interest law organisation which monitors the situation of Roma in Europe and provides legal defence to victims of human rights violations.

Human Rights Watch HRW
This organization is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. It challenges governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law.

Minority Rights Group MRG
MRG researches and publishes reports and other information about minorities around the world; advocates the rights of minorities at the United Nations, in Europe, with governments and elsewhere; educates children and teachers on minority issues in order to counter racism and prejudice; and works with organizations and activists to build alliances, discuss ideas, develop skills and further minority rights worldwide.

ECMI is a Principal Partner institute of the International Relations and Security Network ISN, based in Zürich. ISN aims to establish an electronic platform for networking, dialogue, and cooperation between research institutions, international organisations, governmental and parliamentary bodies, as well as NGOs active in the concerned fields. To this end, ISN develops and promotes electronic reference services as well as specialised educational and communications tools. ISN counts among its major projects: a Links Database, a Limited Area Search Engine (ISN-LASE), an online Conference Agenda and a Current Events listing, computer-aided educational modules, conference activities, electronic discussion lists, and others.

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