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Latest news

Thu, 30/07/2015
The Italian Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies, in collaboration with the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, Serbia, has joined forces in the implementation phase of the project PACKSENSOR - The impact of the controlled atmosphere on ...
Wed, 29/07/2015
The administrative and eligibility check of the applications for co-financing CEI Cooperation Activities - Call for Proposals 2015 - has been carried out. Applications classified as eligible will proceed to the second evaluation  ...
Mon, 27/07/2015
The Danube:Future White Paper was prepared in a bottom-up process involving around 50 researchers in the humanities and natural and social sciences, during the First Danube:Future Workshop in Klagenfurt, on 8-10 April. It deals with ...
Mon, 27/07/2015
The School, held in Trieste on 20-24 July, was organised by the OGS (Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics) in collaboration with several partner-institutions and in line with the objectives of the EU Blue Growth ...
Sun, 26/07/2015
The main international forum on molecular biology of small DNA tumour viruses, the 46th DNA Tumour Virus Meeting, took place in Trieste on 21-26 July. ...