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| Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy

ELIAMEP briefing note deals with European Agenda on Migration

On March 4th 2015 the European Commissioner of Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos announced the “European Agenda on Migration” in an effort to deal more efficiently with the management of migration flows from third countries setting out the […]

ELIAMEP briefing note deals with Cypriot gas strategy

Dr Theodore Tsakiris, Assistant Professor at the University of Nicosia and Co-ordinator of the Programme: ‘Geopolitics of Energy’ at ELIAMEP wrote the briefing note: ‘The Gifts of Aphrodite: A Shift […]

Countering new forms of Roma children trafficking: National report on Greece

Since the 1990s and the early 2000s, the phenomenon of child trafficking in Southeast Europe, especially in the form of child begging among migrant Roma communities, has grown and over […]

New Middle East-Mediterranean Report deal with the Palestinian Problem

The 13th issue of the Middle East-Mediterranean Report deals with the Palestinian Problem. It includes inter alia an interview with Member of the PLO Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi and articles […]

Information for scholarships & grants on social sciences

Aiming at informing students and the academic community on existing & prospective scholarships & grants in the field of social sciences, the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) […]


Professor Triandafyllidou discusses the irregular migration crisis in the Mediterranean on EUROPP LSE blog

While the problem of irregular crossings and the tragic loss of human life witnessed recently is not new in the Mediterranean, the geopolitical context within which this happens is quite […]

Dr Eleni Panagiotarea analyses the Greek crisis and the policy of austerity

Following a talk she gave in a debate organised by Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Brussels, Research Fellow of ELIAMEP Dr Eleni Panagiotarea published the paper ‘The Greek Surge against Austerity: A […]

Dr Thanos Dokos analyses Greek foreign policy under the ongoing economic crisis

In a policy analysis published in KAS Katoptron series Director General of ELIAMEP Dr Thanos Dokos focuses on Greek foreign policy under the Damocles sword of the economic crisis. This policy analysis is […]

Monitoring and Assessing the Integration of Vulnerable Migrants in Greece: Report on results

The present report provides an in-depth assessment of integration policies and outcomes in the case of Greece by specifically bringing into focus the needs of three migrant groups who for […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with sustainability of energy security

Mainstream discourse on energy security is premised upon the assumption of infinite growth. It hence focuses upon the economic, political, and security aspects of energy security. Consequently, it fails to […]

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