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Ook publicaties, evenementen, trainingen en cursussen in Engels zijn zichtbaar
Clingendael is a Dutch think tank and diplomatic academy and aims to enhance insight in international relations Products and Services

Response Forces galore – a guided tour

Security and Conflict • Publications • November 14, 2014

September 2014’s NATO summit saw several initiatives for Response Forces being announced. An overview of existing and announced Response Forces, comparing them through a selection of characteristics.

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Clingendael Concludes First Pre-Deployment Training Mali

19 November 2014 - From 10 to 13 November the Clingendael Academy together with the Egmont Institute organized the first pre-deployment training for Mali, in the context of the ENTRi project.

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Expert Event: Big Cities

On Thursday 13 November, Clingendael and the Knowledge Platform Security and the Rule of Law hosted the expert event Big Cities: Sources of and Solutions to New Insecurities at The Hague Institute for Global Justice.

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Building Blocks for a Diplomatic Academy

20 November 2014 - Diplomatic training is key for any MFA. That is why most countries have a diplomatic academy. But where do you begin if you want to take yours to the next level?

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International Mediation and Consensus-Building

With its multitude of actors and the complexity of international decision-making, mediation and consensus-building skills are more useful than ever. Mediation abilities might make the difference between success and failure during peace-building missions. Likewise, building consensus among coalition partners might be the key to success in an EU negotiation.

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Defence Cooperation in Clusters

Defence Cooperation in Clusters – Identifying the Next Steps, reflects the continuation of an ongoing process of small groups of countries deepening the cooperation between their armed forces.

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New Book: Changing Security Dynamics in East Asia

This edited volume investigates how and whether uncertainty around US security commitment to East Asia over the next 15-20 years affects the present-day strategic perceptions and behaviour of East Asian nations, and of the US itself.

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Shanghai Consensus on Cities in International Relations

17 November 2014 - Conference participants from Clingendael and three other European and Chinese institutions concluded the

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