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Ook publicaties, evenementen, trainingen en cursussen in Engels zijn zichtbaar
Clingendael is a Dutch think tank and diplomatic academy and aims to enhance insight in international relations Products and Services

Have NATOs efforts all been in vain in Afghanistan?

Security and Conflict • Publications • July 21, 2015

The general trend of reduced international civilian and military commitment to Afghanistan seems irreversible, which is a dangerous prospect.

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In the media: Turkey / IS

All media appearances of Clingendael experts can be found in the 'in the media

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Diplomacy in the Digital Age

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs • Publications • July 13, 2015

There is an explosion of commentary on the implications of the digital age for diplomacy. Digitalization has a major impact on diplomacy, both in terms of the forms in which it is conducted and its structures at all levels.

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Speech at UN Counter Terrorism Committee's special meeting

Bibi van Ginkel of Clingendael/ICCTin two technical sessions at the UN Counter Terrorism Committee's special meeting.

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Video messages on green growth and energy security

Members of the Advisory Board of a Clingendael-led project on the politics of green growth and energy security elaborate on the relevance of looking at this topic

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New Threats, New EU and NATO Responses

Europe is facing instability and conflict in the East and in the South, which together form a mixed bag of different threats.

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Addressing Libya’s multiple crises

Addressing Libya’s multiple crises: When violent politics, extremism and crime meet. This policy brief explains how Libya’s multiple crises in the fields of politics, the military, crime and extremism are interlinked through the interests and actions of influential (armed) actors.

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New Cooperation Clingendael and Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute (BDI)

Mr. Ron Ton, Director of the Clingendael Academy, recently visited Sofia to deliver seminars and facilitate discussions on future cooperation between Clingendael and the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute (BDI).

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The Clingendael Institute is affiliated with CIEP