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13th International Conference on Minority Languages

International Conference on Minority Languages: History

International Conference on Minority Languages: History

The homepage has been launched at

The ICML XIII will take place in the German-Danish border region on 22-25 June 2011. The general theme of the conference is “The Institutional Arrangements”.

It refers to the issues of language maintenance, development and transfer, which in most cases nowadays happen through the institutions – educational institutions such as schools, sports organisations, cultural organisations and activities, official bodies, media and other agents. What kind of institutions have minorities developed in order to protect and promote their languages? What are the roles of such arrangements for language-based minority identities? Would the languages survive without such institutions and if so, what would alternative strategies be?

The ICML XIII is a joint venture of three regional academic institutions – the organizers are the European Centre for Minority Issues, Flensburg; the Institute for Danish Language and Literature and the Department of Border Region Studies, University of Southern Denmark. The conference venue will be shared between Flensburg and Sønderborg.

The homepage is now open for visiting and information updates, registration and contact.

The history of the ICML goes back to 1980, when the situation of minority languages was very much “at risk”, and it is now still a recurring theme for all following conferences.

ECMI founders:

The German Federal GovernmentThe German
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