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ECMI Issue Brief #26 now published

A resolvable frozen conflict? Designing a Settlement for Transnistria, by Stefan Wolff

ECMI is pleased to announce publication of ECMI Issue Brief #26, A resolvable frozen conflict? Designing a settlement for Transnistria, by Stefan Wolff. This issue brief can be found here.

The conflict over Transnistria is a territorial dispute in which one of the conflict parties (Transnistria) seeks independence while the other (Moldova) aims to restore its full sovereignty and territorial integrity. For close to two decades, the situation has been stagnant: a ceasefire agreement signed in 1992 in Moscow between the Russian and Moldovan presidents at the time—Yeltsin and Snegur—established a trilateral peacekeeping mission (Russia, Moldova, Transnistria) and a buffer zone along the Dniestr/Nistru River. Protected by these arrangements and an additional Russian military presence, Transnistria has developed into a de-facto state of its own, albeit without international recognition and heavily dependent on Russia.

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