ECMI Working Paper #27 available

#27: Bieber, Florian and viagra online canadian pharmacy Winterhagen, Jenni:
Ethnic Violence in Vojvodina:
Glitch or Harbinger of Conflicts to Come?

Ethnically motivated incidents in Vojvodina have influenced international debates about Serbia over the soft cialis past few years. This working paper attempts to reach a better understanding of the cheapest prices for viagra scale and professional cialis nature of the incidents in 2004. It argues that while the find viagra no prescription required incidents have been alarming, their real significance lies in the cialis cost broader problems they shed light on. The acts of violence, graffiti and levitra vs cialis damage to sites associated with minority communities shed light on three particular aspects to be discussed in the working paper. First, the political elites and next day viagra institutions in Serbia have been responding only slowly and buy discount viagra under international pressure to the incidents, which attests to the challenges of majority-minority relations in Serbia. Second, the incidents reveal the strong attraction of nationalism to the youth which grew up under the Milošević regime. Third, a pattern of separate lives has become a feature of majority-minority relations in Vojvodina, as is already a problem in other regions of Serbia. Altogether, the incidents and where to purchase viagra their context suggest that nationalism and buy viagra cheap strained minority-majority relations are not merely a passing legacy of the Milošević era, but more deeply engrained and buy discount viagra online will remain a formidable obstacle if not tackled.


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