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Issue Brief #17 available

#17: Oleh Protsyk and Konstantin Sachariew:
Ethnic Data Collection: The Case of the Civil Service in Eastern Europe
February 2008

Collecting reliable data on different forms of minority inclusion or representation in alternative research contexts constitutes a serious challenge. Yet both academics and policy-makers face the need to obtain reliable data on ethnic minorities for a number of reasons relating to research and policy. Given that improvements in government efforts to collect such data and/or to make it publicly available are unlikely to be forthcoming in the immediate future, researchers have been forced to come up with their own devices for estimating numbers and proportions that are of interest to them. This paper examines the potential of various research strategies for contributing to the success of data collection efforts in one specific area of public employment: civil service. The paper discusses the utility of approaches such as the analysis of employment rosters using a name-based algorithm, the conducting of surveys, and reliance on ethnic minority organizations as a source of expert information on minority inclusion. It also examines how the analysis of legal provisions regulating civil service employment and promotion can assist an empirical analysis of minority presence in public bureaucracy.


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