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Issue Brief #22

Over the past months Poland has witnessed an exceptionally large number of Georgian citizens applying for asylum.
From April to November 2009, approximately 4,000 Georgian citizens have crossed the Polish border with the aim of applying for asylum. This number is astonishing in comparison with previous years when only approximately 400 applications were received in the entire period between 2000 and 2008.
This paper aims at providing insight into the background of the recent flow of asylum-seekers. As part of the research, several persons mainly from the Yezidi-Kurdish minority in Georgia were interviewed. A number of representatives of the Yezidi-Kurdish community in Tbilisi have shared their information about the minority’s situation in the country and possible motives behind the recent out-migration. Additional interviews were conducted with persons who have recently been deported back to Georgia from Poland. The interviews have provided information about issues of the Yezidi-Kurdish community, enabling us to obtain a more accurate picture of the minority’s situation, as well as details about the asylum-seekers’ route to the EU-countries and their conditions there.


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