Research Task 1- Cultural markers of group identity

Among social scientists, Joshua Fishman most prominently discussed the role of culture and language as a powerful markers of identity in a systematic manner (1968, 1972, 1980), followed by many other scholars treating both culture and language as the markers of individual and group identity (Phillipson & Skutnabb-Kangas 1986, Skutnabb-Kangas 1981, Skutnabb-Kangas, et al. 1995). The import of the multiculturalism debate into European context had additionally, brought the issue of identity to fore emphasising the importance of individual as well as of group identity for persons involved (Uhlin 2010; Sigad and Eisikovits 2010; Säävälä 2010; Robbins 2010; Poole 2010; McCrone and Bechhofer 2010; Song 2009; Maxwell 2009; Aptekar 2009; Sainsbury 2006) Particularly the recent advocacy of minority rights has been successfully supporting the claims of different communities for greater acknowledgement of their cultural rights. The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages are but few examples that allow agents’ claims to be reformulated in policy relevant terms. Within this RT current projects include:

  • Culture as public good - unrecognised cultures as subculturs
  • Impact of multilingualism on cultural identities of minority communities

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