European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI)
Schiffbrücke 12
D-24939 Flensburg
Phone: +49 (0) 461 14149-0
Fax: +49 (0) 14149-19
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Flensburg is a bilingual and multicultural town of approx. 85.000 inhabitant’s right on the border between Denmark and Germany- functioning as Scandinavian Gateway. Both the Baltic Sea as well as the North Sea are easily accessible from here. The town provides a maritime flair lying at the Flensburg Fjord right at the Baltic Sea. The atmosphere here is influenced by a mixture of cosmopolitan harbour and trading port–city. Flensburg offers a historic mixture of Danish and German Culture reflected both by the distinctive architecture in the Old town part of the city as well as in a wide range of activities.
For further information on Flensburg see:
Flensburg Tourist Information
City map

Hotel Arcadia, 3 minutes walk from the ECMI building
Hotel am Fjord, 3 minutes walk from the ECMI building
Hostel Flensburg, easy bus-connection from the ECMI building
Flensbed- Hostel & Boarding-house, close to the train station

Ferienwohnungen.de- holiday apartments for short- and longtime rent

Flensburg can be reached by car, train, flights to Hamburg and by boat. The easiest way to reach Flensburg is either by train or plane + train. Closest airports are (all distances to Flensburg approx.):
From Germany:
Hamburg (HAM, Fuhlsbuettel)
* 155 km, by car 2 hrs, by train 3 hrs
(you can take an airport train from Hamburg airport to Hamburg main train station (S-Bahn 1, every 20 min, EUR 2,75) and continue by train from Hamburg to Flensburg [approx. EUR 25, see bahn.de] or in order to cut the costs you can find somebody via mitfahrgelegenheit.de, who are traveling the same direction (service is only in German)
Luebeck (LBC, Luebeck-Blankensee)
* 195 km, by car 2 hrs, by bus + train 3 hrs
From Denmark:
Sonderborg (SGD, Sonderborg)
* 45 km, 1 hour by car/bus (no train) (take a taxi from Sonderburg airport to the bus station in Sonderborg [15 min], from there take the bus to Flensburg bus station [DKK 76/EUR 10])

Prices for train and bus tickets vary according to distance and are just estimated here.
Taxi and bus- connections are available at the train station in Flensburg.
Please visit following internet sites for planning your bus + train connection:
www.bahn.de  (train + bus connections)
  (bus connections to/from Kiel to/from Hamburg Airport)
www.scout-sh.de  (getting from A to B in Schleswig-Holstein county)
www.dsb.dk (DSB- Danish train connections are also going to Flensburg)

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