The ECMI Approach

The "added value" of the ECMI's work lies in the Centre's approach to accumulating knowledge and making sure that this reaches the beneficiaries. According to our Vision Statement, the aim of our work is

Promoting high-quality research, policy-relevant analysis, training, and co-operation in the minority field, the ECMI seeks to bridge the gaps between theory and practice, research and politics, mainstream politicians and minority activists as well as between different academic traditions. This is pursued through interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical studies that improve the understanding of the dynamics of minority issues and promote new agendas in research and public debates. Drawing on the synergy between standards, research and action, the ECMI is Europe’s leading institution to implement the roadmap for minority protection and empowerment because we believe minorities matter.

The synergy between standards, research and action is therefore core to the methodology that the ECMI applies in all projects and programmes. We see this as a cyclic relationship going in both directions. See Figure 1.

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The ECMI Synergy Wheel © spins perfectly in Georgia

Meshketians from Stalin 2012


The ECMI Synergy Wheel

Figure 1

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Evaluation Reports 2012

The ECMI Approach is highly reflected in the work of the regional representation offices of ECMI. Below you find the Evaluation Reports 2012 for the two ECMI Offices:

ECMI Kosovo

ECMI Caucasus

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