The aim of the ECMI’s action projects is to support those areas of minority existence that have not seen adequate adoption and implementation of global minority rights. Based on the recommendations of research projects and the outputs created for practical support, such as handbooks, the ECMI regional offices prepare project proposals in close co-operation with the head office. The ECMI action projects adhere to the general principles of project management set for development projects.

Specific objectives of the ECMI action projects are usually capacity-building, competence development and institution building. These objectives are achieved through advisory support, technical assistance and targeted trainings designed and implemented by the ECMI Training Unit. Trainings may follow the standard trainings module offered by the ECMI Training Unit, or they may be designed specifically from project to project depending on needs and gaps.

Once in the field, the project staff is also tasked with working on the secondary objectives of action –projects: to identify problems of adoption and implementation of global minority standards. This includes monitoring all sectors of government and public administration as well as ramifications within civil society. The purpose is to identify specific “areas of lack” that prevent the full and effective implementation of global minority rights. The final reports of action projects therefore highlight these “areas of lack” which will feed into a new KDP. In this manner the process of the ECMI Synergy Wheel© continues.

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The ECMI Synergy Wheel

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Evaluation Reports 2012

The ECMI Approach is highly reflected in the work of the regional representation offices of ECMI. Below you find the Evaluation Reports 2012 for the two ECMI Offices:

ECMI Kosovo

ECMI Caucasus

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