Our Values

Protection and promotion of national minority cultures is the moral goal that drives our work as institution, researchers and human beings. Minority rights as part of the global human rights regime are essential to providing a good life for members of minority groups. To promote such values, our work ethic requires excellence and dedication. The values that guide our work internally and externally must therefore be projected to our partners, potential partners and the wider world in an accessible manner.

Fostering a healthy and dynamic team-spirit where all members of staff feel pride in setting and pursuing common goals is essential to ECMI. This requires a transparent and socialising working environment that values all colleagues as equal partners, where innovation, ambition and curiosity are appreciated and where responsible and self-critical individual development is valued.

Valuing team-spirit and respect helps promote diversity. Diversity in team composition as well as in approaches enriches any process, organization or co-operation. ECMI has been blessed with a multicultural and multinational staff composition since its beginning. It makes for an exciting working environment and enrichment of our lives. During the reframing period, ECMI will seek to foster a work ethic that lays out a good foundation for the future by emphasizing

  • Excellence in research
  • Professionalism externally as well as internally
  • Equality and respect
  • Team-spirit and diversity
  • Innovation and curiosity

ECMI founders:

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