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Every year the ECMI organizes a number of events both in Flensburg and in the regions of our Regional offices. Conferences, seminars, workshops,  lectures and other types of events are usually announced ahead of time on our main homepage or on the pages of the Regional offices.

Recurrent events include

The Advisory Council Conference

The SRAN Meeting

The annual Minority Roundtable


For all events that the Centre has participated in month for month, see below.


Events 1999

Conferences, Seminars, Lectures and Events
Additional events are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible.

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January 1999

08 January - 10 January

Follow-up to ECMI Seminar "Minorities and Majorities in Estonia: Problems of Integration on the Threshold of EU," Tallinn, Estonia.

11 January

ECMI Lecture, in honour of H.P. Clausen, "Implementing Bilingual Education" (Professor Josiane Hamers, Université Laval, Québec, Canada), Flensburg.

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February 1999

14 February - 23 February

International Conference and Study Tour to Denmark for Representatives of Jewish Organisations and Government Representatives from Ukraine. Organised by the Association of Younger Jews in Denmark in cooperation with ECMI and funded by Democracy Foundation (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs). This included an international conference "Spiritual Heritage and Cultural Renewal - Ukrainian Jewry at a Crossroads" on February 21 at the Jewish Community Centre in Copenhagen.

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March 1999

16 March

ECMI Lecture, "Ethnic Issues in the Yugoslav Break-up" (Mr Tore Bøgh, Ambassador of Norway en Mission Spéciale), Flensburg.

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April 1999

15 April

ECMI Panel, "Nation-Building, Symbol-Making and Identity Politics: Border Groups in the Carpathians and the Southern Balkans" (Farimah Daftary, François Grin, Anastasia Karakasidou, André Liebich, Eleni Myrivili, Tom Trier), Fourth Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalties (ASN), Columbia University, New York.

30 April - 02 May

ECMI Seminar, "Towards Effective Participation of Minorities", Flensburg.

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May 1999

07 May

ECMI Open House, "Kulturen, Sprachen, Minderheiten - Visionen der Vielfalt" (Cultures, Languages, Minorities - Visions of Diversity) im Rahmen der Europawoche 1999.

17 May

ECMI Colloquium, "Majority and Minority Nationalism in Estonia" (Ms Margit Sarv M.A., Tallinn); "Identity Formation of Russian Speakers in Estonia and Latvia. Shifts since 1990 and Implications for Social Consolidation" (Ms Jekaterina Dorodnova M.A., Riga), Flensburg.

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June 1999

11 June

ECMI Lecture, "Serbian Nationalism and the Transformation Process in FR Yugoslavia" (Mr. Laslo Sekelj, Professor of Political Science at the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade; Guest Professor at the Departement of Social Sciences, University of Kassel, Germany), Flensburg.

18 June - 20 June

ECMI International Seminar, "Minority Languages and Regional Economic Activity", Flensburg.

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July 1999

20 July

ECMI Panel Discussion, "Contrasting Approaches to Minority Studies", (Study visit of the Bosporus Gesellschaft, Bonn, meeting representatives of regional minority research institutes), Flensburg.

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August 1999

19 August

ECMI Lecture, "Afrikaans and Afrikaner Nationalism" (Professor Vic Webb, Director, Centre for Research in the Politics of Language, University of Pretoria, visiting scholar at the ECMI), Flensburg.

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September 1999

10 September - 11 September

International Seminar, "Concepts of Minority Governance in Europe on the Threshold of the 21st Century" European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) and the Minority Studies Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (AKM), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

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October 1999

04 October - 11 October

Study Visit to Denmark and Germany for Representatives of Minority Organisations and Authorities from the Multi-Ethnic Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine. Organised by the Danish Cultural Institute (DCI) and the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Flensburg - Germany, Aabenraa - Denmark and Copenhagen - Denmark. This included a one-day conference "Focus on Transcarpathia" (October 9, Niels Brock Business School, Copenhagen).

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November 1999

23 November

ECMI Lecture, "Catholic-Protestant relations in the Republic of Ireland and the peace process in Ireland", (Dr. Richard O'Leary, Nuffield College, Oxford), Flensburg.

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December 1999

No ECMI events

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