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Every year the ECMI organizes a number of events both in Flensburg and in the regions of our Regional offices. Conferences, seminars, workshops,  lectures and other types of events are usually announced ahead of time on our main homepage or on the pages of the Regional offices.

Recurrent events include

The Advisory Council Conference

The SRAN Meeting

The annual Minority Roundtable


For all events that the Centre has participated in month for month, see below.


Events 2000

Conferences, Seminars, Lectures and Events
Additional events are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible.

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January 2000

20 January - 21 January

ECMI Panel Education Policies for Roma Children in Europe at the international seminar "Tolerance, Respect and Human Rights" (Second international seminar of the Transborder Initiative for Tolerance and Human Rights/GSFI, Prague, Czech Republic, 20 - 22 January 2000). This panel will evaluate ongoing policies and actions in Europe regarding the education of Roma children and will draw on practical experience from Finland, Macedonia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Further information

26 January

ECMI Lecture National Integration in Estonia: Theory and Practice by Mr Tanel Mätlik, Counsellor to the Estonian Minister for Ethnic and Population Affairs, discussant – Mr Aleksei Semjonov, Director of the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights, Tallinn, Estonia; concluding remarks by P.Järve, Senior Analyst of ECMI.

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February 2000

15 February

Kurt Hamer Lecture by Dr. George Muskens on Mixed Border Communities: Comparing European Cases, Flensburg.

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March 2000

No ECMI events

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April 2000

07 April

ECMI Lecture by Prof. H. Guillorel on French Political Culture and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, Flensburg.

13 April - 15 April

ECMI Panel at ASN Convention on Language Laws: Nation-Building, Ethnic Containment, or Diversity Management?, New York, USA. The ECMI panel will include the following papers by ECMI staff members: "Language legislation in the Baltic States: changes in rationale?" by Dr. Priit Järve; "The new Slovak language law: internal or external politics?" by Farimah Daftary and Kinga Gál; "Kalmykia: from oblivion to reassertion?" by Dr. François Grin. The discussant will be Prof. W. Kymlicka, Queen's University, Kingston (Ont.), Canada.

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May 2000

22 May - 25 May

ECMI Library exhibit on minorities in the Danish-German border region, as part of the cross-border EXPO 2000 Library week. The goal of the EXPO2000 Library Week is to increase the visibility of German, Danish and Frisian libraries in the Danish-German border region.

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June 2000

22 June - 25 June

ECMI International Conference Evaluating Policy Measures for Minority Languages in Europe. This international conference will focus on the selection, design and evaluation of practical policy measures that can be used in minority language policies. In particular, it will emphasise discussion on, and development of, instruments that can be useful to states that are implementing the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, as well as to states that are currently contemplating signing and ratifying the Charter.

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July 2000

05 July

ECMI Round Table Discussion with Prof. Dr. Dietrich Scholze on Die Aktuelle Situation der Sorben in der Lausitz. 12 July Presentation of ECMI and ECMI-Projects to a Summerschool Group on Minorities from Hoejskolen Oetersoen/Aabenraa.

26 July

Presentation of ECMI and ECMI-Projects to a Delegation of the Chinese State Comission on Nationality Issues. 14 - 22 September Exhibition Flensburg – Konfliktfreies Miteinander in der Deutsch-Dänischen Grenzregion, EXPO-Project by City of Flensburg.

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August 2000

No ECMI events

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September 2000

01 September - 30 September

Presentation of ECMI and ECMI-Projects to a Chinese Delegation on Nationality Issues from Hunan Province.

15 September

ECMI Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dennis Sandole, George Mason University of Virginia, on The Principles and Procedures of Managing Crises, Flensburg.

22 September - 23 September

Minority Congress 2000, Europäische Akademie Sankelmark and ECMI Colloquium, Flensburg (organised in co-operation with the Land of Schleswig-Holstein as part of Schleswig-Holstein participation in EXPO 2000 Activities).

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October 2000

06 October - 07 October

Closing seminar of the project Concepts of Minority Governance in Europe on the Threshold of the 21st Century, Bozen/Bolzano, South Tyrol. In the framework of the joint project of the Minority Studies Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (AKM) and the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) international experts are analysing and comparing concepts of minority governance in Europe, with a special focus on existing autonomy models. During the closing seminar about 16 comparative and case studies will be presented and discussed by outside evaluators functioning as discussants.

16 October

Presentation of ECMI and ECMI-Projects to a Youth-Group from the Baltics in co-operation with Landesjugendring Kiel. 16 October Presentation of ECMI and ECMI-Projects to a Chinese Delegation on Nationality Issues in co-operation with Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft.

17 October

Presentation of ECMI and ECMI-Projects to guests from Lithuania and Poland organized in co-operation with Jarplund Højskolen.

23 October - 28 October

Seminar on "Minority Policy and Legislation with Latvian Naturalisation Board", organised by The Danish Centre for Human Rights and the ECMI.

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November 2000

No ECMI events

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December 2000

07 December - 10 December

ECMI-Baltic Conference on the "Accession to the EU and National Integration in Estonia and Latvia", Bjerremark, Denmark (closed seminar).

11 December - 13 December

First Meeting of the "NGO Roundtable on Inter-Ethnic Relations in FYR of Macedonia", ECMI, Flensburg. Organised by ECMI and funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretariat for Peace and Stability - FRESTA) and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. This roundtable brought together 20 participants from the local Macedonian NGO sector as well as international experts on inter-ethnic relations, conflict prevention, civil society, and NGO networking. This event included a special training session on "NGO Capacity-building and conditions for the Effective Use of Networking Opportunities and Electronic Resources"

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