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Every year the ECMI organizes a number of events both in Flensburg and in the regions of our Regional offices. Conferences, seminars, workshops,  lectures and other types of events are usually announced ahead of time on our main homepage or on the pages of the Regional offices.

Recurrent events include

The Advisory Council Conference

The SRAN Meeting

The annual Minority Roundtable


For all events that the Centre has participated in month for month, see below.


Events 2008

Conferences, Seminars, Lectures and Events
Additional events are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible.

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January 2008

17 January

Discussion on Kosovo Issues at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London

18 January

Lecture at Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

24 January

Research Seminar on “Ethnicity and the question of minorities in Soviet and present Kyrgyzstan” by Dr. Irina Morozova Lomonosov Moscow State University; Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies; Hamburg International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University Institute of Asian and African Studies, ECMI

30 January

Research meeting on “Places that don’t exist – Human Rights protection in the de facto and transitional entities, by Phd Candidate Martina Bielawski, University of Cambridge, ECMI

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February 2008

06 February - 08 February

Meeting with Prime Minister Offfice, Kosovo

20 February - 22 February

Conference: UN Year of Languages, and Celebration of ECRML’s 10th Anniversary, UNESCO Paris

25 February

Post-evaluation Seminar on ECMI future structure, Sankelmark

26 February - 27 February

Visits and presentations to representatives of the German Ministry of Interior, Berlin

28 February

Lecture at the Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

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March 2008

05 March

Meeting “Minderheiten als Standortfaktor in der deutsch-daenischen Grenzregion”, Kieler Landtag

28 March

Visit by International Students sponsored by the Jaruplund Højskole

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April 2008

09 April

Meeting at the Europaausschuss, Kieler Landtag

09 April

Seminar at the IFSH, Hamburg

09 April - 15 April

13th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN), Presentation on “Ethnic representation in Ukraine”, New York

15 April - 17 April

13th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN), Presentation on “A European Policy for Accommodating Linguistic Diversity ”, New York

20 April - 24 April

Lectures at the University of Sydney, Australia

23 April

Cooperation meeting SDU/Denmark-ECMI, Odense

29 April

Meeting with Mr Richter (SHZ Publisher) and Mr Wodarg (ECMI Board, Member of Bundestag), Flensburg ECMI

29 April

Lecture on “Der Status des Kosovo”, Hermann-Ehlers-Akademie, Kiel

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May 2008

06 May

Meeting with Prof. Grözinger from Collegium Mare Balticum, Flensburg University, Flensburg ECMI

07 May

Presentation on “Die Rolle des ECMI im Europaeischen Krisenmanagement” at the Europaunion, on the “Europatag” in Husum

07 May

Presentation on Gagauz Autonomy in Moldova, HCNM, Hague

08 May

External Research Seminar on “Russia and the frozen conflicts in the South Caucasus – part of the solution?” by Dr. Sven Singhofen, freelance publisher, freelance assistant and lecturer (Hermann Ehlers Academy, Kiel; European Academy Schleswig-Holstein, Sankelmark

28 May

Presentation on Darfur, Walther-Schuecking-Institute, Kiel

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June 2008

05 June

Schleswig-Holstein Kulturtreff, Saltzau

05 June

Conference participation "Humanitarian Intervention - Past, Present, Future" (Radio 4 + BBC), London Chatham House

06 June

Annual meeting of Danish Minority organizations, Lecture on Minorities: Language and Culture – the last visible markers?“

13 June - 15 June

Seminar “The settlement of ethnic conflicts – a legal approach” in collaboration with Hamburg University, Institute of Peace Research and Security Policy and the Law Faculty, ECMI, Flensburg

16 June

19 June, 23 Junge, and 26 June
ECMI Seminar on Ethnic Politics, University of Flensburg

16 June

Minority Competence Report Schleswig-Holstein – discussion in the German Federal Parliament

18 June - 20 June

27 June

Meeting at Kieler Landtag on Minority Competence Cluster activities

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July 2008

01 July

ECMI Advisory Council Seminar on: “Enfranchising Minorities: Political Participation in Pluralist States”, Copenhagen

02 July - 06 July

ECMI Panel on Minority Representation at the Association for Study on Nationalities (ASN) Meeting, Paris

07 July - 10 July

Meeting with Danish Foreign Ministry and Council of Europe at ECMI Regional Office in Tbilisi, Georgia

11 July - 13 July

Celebration at the Lauterpacht Centre, Cambridge

14 July - 15 July

Meeting with Prime Minister Office, Kosovo

27 July

Conference at the UNESCO, Paris

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August 2008

03 August - 05 August

Meeting with Prime Minister Office, Kosovo

27 August - 09 September

ECMI Presentation on “Romanian Parliamentary Representation” at conference at the American Political Science Association, New York, USA

29 August

Meetings with the University of Flensburg Collegium Mare Balticum, ECMI

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September 2008

04 September - 06 September

Presentation: „Effective Minority Governance Approaches“ at Symposium "Zeitgemäße Modelle der Minderheitenförderung in Europa", Görlitz

05 September - 06 September

UN National Minorities Workshop on “Responsibility to Protect”, ECMI, Flensburg

06 September - 07 September

Minority Marathon “Youmm”, Visit by Terry Davis, General Secretary of the Council of Europe

10 September

Presentation at conference on "Protecting Human Rights and Minority Rights in Europe" at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Skopje, Macedonia

10 September

Participation at the SPD Parliament Schleswig-Holstein Minority issues event: “Politik der Anerkennung“

11 September

Presentation to the Ministry of Justice: Das Europäische Zentrum für Minderheiten, europäischer Ausblick aus dem deutsch-dänischen Grenzland“, Akademie Sankelmark

18 September - 19 September

Presentation on ECMI Enriched Links Database at 18th Annual EINIRAS Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

19 September - 20 September

Visit and joint seminar of representatives from University of Agder and Peacebuilding Section of Stiftelsen Arkivet, Kristiansand, Norway - Flensburg

27 September

Lecture on “Minorities in Europe” at the Europa Union Annual Meeting, Schleswig

29 September - 30 September

Presentation on “Minority Situation in Moldova and Ukraine”, Forum Minority Research Institute Workshop, Samorin, Slowakia

29 September - 30 September

Presentation at Conference "Crossing National Boundaries" at Collegium Mare Balticum, University of Flensburg

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October 2008

09 October - 10 October

Rapporteur at CoE Conference “Enhancing the impact of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: Past Experience, Present Achievements and Future Challenges”, Strasbourg

09 October - 12 October

Presentation on “Language Maintenance and Language Transmission Among German Minorities” at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Working Group of German Minorities, FUEN, Kosice, Slovakia.

10 October

Meeting with Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg

24 October - 25 October

Conference on “Human and Minority Rights in the Life Cycle of Ethnic Conflicts”, University of Frankfurt

30 October

Visit by 20 High School Students from Holsterbro.

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November 2008

14 November - 15 November

Interdisciplinary conference, “The Roots of Civil War and Conflicts and their Influence on Transformations of State- and Civil Society Institutions, Alsion, Syddansk Universitet, Denmark

21 November

EYMI (Yearbook) Meeting, Bolzano

29 November - 01 December

Project Meeting, ECMI Kosovo

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December 2008

No ECMI events

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