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Every year the ECMI organizes a number of events both in Flensburg and in the regions of our Regional offices. Conferences, seminars, workshops,  lectures and other types of events are usually announced ahead of time on our main homepage or on the pages of the Regional offices.

Recurrent events include

The Advisory Council Conference

The SRAN Meeting

The annual Minority Roundtable


For all events that the Centre has participated in month for month, see below.


Events 2009

Conferences, Seminars, Lectures and Events
Additional events are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible.

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January 2009

07 January

Internal Presentation by Leon Martins, ECMI Intern on “State Language and Minority Languages in the Baltic States (Lithuania)”.

15 January

Annual Meeting of the Bund Deutscher Nordschleswiger (BDN), Sankelmark

29 January

Internal Research Meeting: Presentation by Ms Bilge Yabanci, University of Lund on “Representation of Minorities in the Executive…

29 January

External Research Meeting: Presentation by Professor Dr. Robert Millar, University of Aberdeen on “Dialextalised Languages – the State Perception of Regional Languages: Case Studies of Scots, Occitan and Low German”

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February 2009

03 February

Meeting of the DialogForumNorden, Flensburg

11 February

Reception at the Foreign and Commonwealth office, London

25 February

Conference Lecture on “The Final Status of Kosovo: Implication for Self-Determination”, University of Leeds

27 February

Conference Lecture on "International Law in Conflict Management in Diverse Societies", The Royal College of Defense Studies, London

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March 2009

12 March - 14 March

Training for the Georgian Ministry of Reintegration: “Minority Governance in Europe” under Council of Europe Programme, Tbilisi, Georgia

15 March

Lecture on “Ethnic and National Minorities in Europe – Cultures, Borders, Governance”, State University of Tbilisi, European Studies

19 March - 21 March

ECMI Presentation on “Europe’s Dilemmas in Dealing with Eurasia’s Non-Recognized States”, University of Bath, European Research Institute (ERI), UK

24 March

OSCE Mission to Moldova Public Lecture Program, Autonomy, Federalization, Devolution: Power Sharing Models in the OSCE Area – ECMI Lecture on: “Power Sharing and Democracy, Free University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova

24 March

Lecture on “Minorities in Europe – Cultural Survival Strategies and Strengths”, Peoples University, Flensburg

28 March

Conference on “The Kosovo Precedent: One Year on”, Lecture on “Kosovo and Remedial Secession” at the Lancaster University Law School, UK

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April 2009

14 April

Internal Presentation by Rada Krstanovic, ECMI Intern on “Cultural Rights in language Protection in Serbia”

20 April

ECMI Board Meeting

22 April - 25 April

ECMI panel on “Ethnic and Multi-Ethnic Parties: Strategies of Political Recruitment” including 4 papers: Oleh Protsyk (ECMI) “Why not Ethnic Minority Parties in Moldova and Ukraine?”; Konstantin Sachariew (U Rostock, Germany) “Recruitment of Party Elites in Bulgaria”; Marius Matichescu (University of Montpellier, France) “Party Strategies of Ethnic Recruitment in Romania”; Monica Caluser (Babes-Bolyai Uninversity, Romania) “Recruitment for Minority Reserved Seats in Romania”, at ASN Conference, Columbia University, New York

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May 2009

19 May

Internal Presentation by Emanuela Ignatiou-Sora, ECMI intern and PhD Candidate on “Legal Aspects of Minority Language Enhancement in Romania”

19 May

Internal Presentation by Velimir Delovski, ECMI intern on “Minority Representation in Macedonia”

28 May - 30 May

ECMI presentation on “Model of Minority Language Enhancement in Europe – a Universal Model?” at the Bi-Annual ICML XII (Int. Conference on Minority Languages), Tartu, Estonia

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June 2009

04 June

External research meeting and public Lecture by Mr Mindaugas Kuklys, Dr. Phil. Candidate, Institute of Sociology, University of Jena on “Ethnic Control, Ethnic Democracy or Ethno-Liberal Democracy? Political Elites and Ethnic Minorities in the Baltic-States after 1990”

10 June

Consultation on the Enlargement – Minority Issues, European Commission, Brussels

12 June - 14 June

University of Flensburg Seminar on “Multilingualism, Culture and Language Contacts in Europe – Danish Culture in the European Perspective”, ECMI Flensburg

16 June

Participation at the Schleswig-Holstein Foundation Day, Kiel, Germany

16 June - 17 June

Membership Meeting of Specialized Information Network (FIV-IBLK), ECMI, Flensburg

22 June - 24 June

Training event on “Digital Preservation – The Planets Way”, Royal Library Copenhagen, Denmark

23 June - 25 June

CoE-DANIDA-ECMI “Rule of Law & Minority Governance Programme”, Steering Committee Meeting, Tbilisi, Georgia

26 June - 28 June

University of Flensburg Seminar on “Multilingualism, Culture and Language Contacts in Europe – Danish Culture in the European Perspective”, ECMI, Flensburg

27 June

Public lecture/External research meeting by Prof. Dr Uffe Østergård "The Role of Nation States in the EU", International Institute of Management, Flensburg
Lecture “Ethnic and National Minorities in Europe – Language and Culture Diversity”, European Studies, University of Flensburg

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July 2009

23 July

Internal Presentation by Katarina Djokic, ECMI Intern on “Political Participation of Ethnic Minorities in Serbia and the Developments on the Political Parties Landscape during the last Years”

23 July

Internal Presentation by Sylva Svejdarova, ECMI Intern on “Minority Languages in the Czech Republic”

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August 2009

No ECMI events

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September 2009

01 September

ECMI welcoming new Director of the Institute: Dr. Tove Malloy

02 September - 06 September

Annual UACES Conference, Angers, France

02 September - 11 September

Conference of American Political Science Association, ECMI Presentation on “Parliamentary Representation”, Toronto, Canada
Queens University: Consultations and presentation on ECMI’s Minority Representation Project

10 September - 11 September

Training on Minority Governance for the Georgian Council of Minorities, Public Defender’s Office, Tbilisi, Georgia

14 September

Training on Minority Governance for the local authorities of the Kakheti Region, Georgia

15 September - 16 September

Training on Minority Governance for the new Minority Issues Coordination Commission, State Ministry, Tbilisi, Georgia

15 September - 19 September

Annual EINIRAS Conference, Madrid, Spain

23 September

Meeting of the Dialog Forum Norden, Jaruplund Højskole

24 September - 26 September

Training on “Political Participation” for Georgian officials, Tbilisi, Georgia

28 September

Presentation on ECMI’s work at the “Nord-Ost-Institut”, Lüneburg

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October 2009

01 October

Visit of representatives from the “Minority at Risk” project

02 October

Presentation on ECMI’s work at the IFSH/KoFries, Hamburg

06 October

ECMI Board Meeting

28 October - 30 October

Partnership for Diversity, EBLUL Conference on “Transmission of Culture through Transmission of Language”, Leeuwarden, Frysland, The Netherlands

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November 2009

20 November

Conference on "Ethnic Democracy" in Hamburg, co-operation with Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

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December 2009

08 December - 10 December

Georgia CoE – Danida – ECMI Steering Committee Meeting and training on “Minority Governance” for the new Georgian Ombudsman staff, Tbilisi, Georgia

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