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Every year the ECMI organizes a number of events both in Flensburg and in the regions of our Regional offices. Conferences, seminars, workshops,  lectures and other types of events are usually announced ahead of time on our main homepage or on the pages of the Regional offices.

Recurrent events include

The Advisory Council Conference

The SRAN Meeting

The annual Minority Roundtable


For all events that the Centre has participated in month for month, see below.


Events 2010

Conferences, Seminars, Lectures and Events
Additional events are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible.

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January 2010

12 January

Presentation by Deputy Director Ewa Chylinski on “ECMI’s work” to a group of interested pensionists from Glücksburg and Husum, Kompagnietor, Flensburg

13 January

Presentation by Director Tove Malloy to the Europaausschuss, Schleswig-Holsteinischer Landtag, Kiel

13 January

Chairman Knud Larsen and Director Tove Malloy were received by Landtagspresident, Mr Torsten Geerdts, Schleswig-Holsteinischer Landtag, Kiel

14 January

Internal Presentation by Zorana Kataranovski, ECMI Intern on “Education of Minorities in Serbia and the Ethnopolitical Map of Serbia”, Flensburg

15 January

Presentation by Director Tove Malloy on “Zukunft der Minderheiten – Minderheiten der Zukunft”, at the New Year’s Conference of the Bund Deutscher Nordschleswiger (BDN), Sankelmark, Germany

16 January - 17 January

Weekend Seminar on: “Danish Society and Culture” at the University of Flensburg, conducted by Ewa Chylinski, Flensburg

25 January

Dialogforum Norden Meeting, Haus Nordschleswig, Aabenraa, Denmark

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February 2010

01 February

Chairman Knud Larsen and Director Tove Malloy received by the President of Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Peter Harry Carstensen, State Chancellery, Kiel

17 February

Director Tove Malloy presents the study “Kompetenzanalyse” (Competence Analysis) to the regional working group of the Congress of Regional and Local Authorities, the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

17 February - 18 February

CoE, Danida and ECMI joint programme on Good Governance & Rule of Law in Georgia – Ewa Chylinski providing joint training on collaborative approaches to Minority Governance for the Inter-ministerial Coordination Group, Council of National Minorities and Public Broadcasting Minority Programmes Section, Tbilisi, Georgia

23 February

Authors’ meeting of the ECRML on the Frisian Language, Föhr, Ewa Chylinski to present on the ECRML modalities

24 February

First ECMI Regional Roundtable Discussion on “Learning from the 2009 Elections”, Flensburg

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March 2010

08 March - 11 March

Visit by a Delegation from the Georgian Ministry of Reintegration, ECMI, Flensburg

12 March

Ewa Chylinski lecture on “Hungarian Minorities” at Southern Denmark University, Sønderborg

18 March - 20 March

ECMI’s non-resident Senior Research Associate Network (SRAN) Meeting, ECMI, Flensburg

19 March

First ECMI Regional Academic Forum Meeting – Constitutive first Forum meeting to discuss ways and means to make the experiences of the border region better known to colleagues in Europe, Kompagnietor, Flensburg

24 March - 28 March

Jan Asmussen and Oleh Protsyk participation at the Mediterranean Research Meeting 2010 on “Rethinking Interethnic Reconciliation in the Western Balkans: Borders, Minorities, Governance”. Oleh Protsyk presenting paper on: “Politisation of Ethnicity in Party Manifestos”, Florence, Italy

27 March - 31 March

Ewa Chylinski conducting training in Georgia for the Council of Europe Programme: Trainings for Ministries/Minority Councils

30 March

Paper delivered by Dr. Tove Malloy at the 60th Political Studies Association Annual Conference “Sixty Years of Political Studies: Achievements and Futures”, in Edinburgh, UK

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April 2010

09 April

Visit by Danish Helsinki Committee, presentations on minorities by Tove Malloy, Ewa Chylinski, Oleh Protsyk and Jan Asmussen, Flensburg

12 April

ECMI / European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC) Study Group “Minorities in Russia” workshop, ECMI, Flensburg

13 April - 16 April

Ewa Chylinski to give presentation for the Council of Europe at the “European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) and Minorities in Russia” meeting, Moscow, Russia

14 April - 16 April

ECMI Director Dr. Tove H. Malloy participates in the 3rd annual Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) of the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in Vienna, Austria

15 April - 17 April

ECMI-sponsored panel on “Party Competition for Ethnic Minority Vote: Programmatic and Organizational Aspects” lead by Oleh Protsyk, at the Association for Study of Nationalities, New York City, USA

20 April

ECMI participates in conference on new Danish appropriations law for the Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein. ECMI Director Dr. Tove H. Malloy participated in the conference and provided a presentation on similar legal instruments adopted by European states, at University of Aarhus’ conference centre, Sandbjerg Gods, Denmark

20 April

Internal presentation by Burcak Arikan, ECMI intern on: “Roma Inclusion in the European Context of Minorities”, Kompagnietor

22 April

ECMI FolkBALTICA Symposium on “Kultur und Völkervielfalt im Baltischen Raum – Fokus Lettland“, open to public: 16-18 hrs, ECMI, Kompagnietor, Schiffbruecke 12, Flensburg.

29 April

Internal presentation by Ilona Filimonova, ECMI Intern on: "Languages of Russian Federation and the ratification of the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages", Kompagnietor

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May 2010

05 May

Ewa Chylinski and Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen participation at workshop on: „Sønderborg Kulturby 2017“, Bov, Denmark

06 May

Europawoche: Presentation by Deputy Director Ewa Chylinski on “Marginalisierte Minderheiten in Europa am Beispiel Roma”, 16-17 hrs, at ECMI, Kompagnietor, Schiffbruecke 12, Flensburg

06 May

Jan Asmussen visiting the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Conference on: „Deutschland, Russland und Europa“, Berlin

06 May - 07 May

Tove Malloy and Ewa Chylinski attending conference at University of Flensburg on: „Geographie(s) of education in European border regions: the making and breaking of (b)orders”.

12 May

Presentation by William Mckinney on “ECMI’s work” to a group from Munkbrarup, Kompagnietor, Flensburg

13 May - 14 May

Presentation on Minority Political Participation by Oleh Protsyk, FUEN Congress, Ljubljana

17 May

Ewa Chylinkski presentation on “Roma in South East Europe”, Landeshaus Kiel, Kiel

18 May

ECMI participating at the “Parlamentarischer Abend im Landeshaus: Nationale Minderheiten und Volksgruppen in Nordschleswig und Schleswig-Holstein und Minderheitenorganisationen stellen sich vor”, Kiel

18 May - 23 May

Ewa Chylinski giving presentation on “Minority Governance in Europe” at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - Europa’s Asia (ASEM) Conference, Singapore

26 May

Presentation on “ECMI’s Work” to the Flensburg Tourist Information and Flensburg City Guides

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June 2010

01 June

Ewa Chylinski participating in seminar on: “Images of Minority Languages”, Brussels organized within the framework of the European Foundation Centre’s (EFC) Foundation Week

07 June - 08 June

Presentation on political participation by Oleh Protsyk at Council of Europe conference on the effective participation of persons belonging to national minorities in Skopje, Macedonia

24 June

ECMI public lecture on “Ethnic Mobilization and the International Community”
Thursday, 24th June at 13 – 17 hrs. Speakers: Joanna Jasiewicz, PhD, University Bremen: “The Role of European Union and Transnational Networks in Enhancing Ethnic Minorities’ Activism”. Jakob Skovgaard, PhD, Danish Ministry of Finance: “European Organisations and the Hungarian Minorities in Romania and Slovakia”. Alexandre Couture Gagnon, PhD-candidate, Visiting Fellow at ECMI from the Carleton University, Canada: “Competing States: The Use of Public Policy by Minority and Majority Nations”. Daniel Hegedus, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political and International Studies: "The failure of EU conditionality. The Slovakian-Hungarian minority conflict". Emelyne Cheney, PhD, London School of Economics: “The Impact of European Integration on Minority Nationalist Mobilisation in France”

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July 2010

18 July

Ewa Chylinski to give presentation on “Roma Issues in Europe”, to an International Internship Group of the German Foreign Ministry, Sankelmark

25 July

Ewa Chylinski to give presentation on “Roma Issues in Europe”, to another International Internship Group of the German Foreign Ministry, Sankelmark

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August 2010

No ECMI events

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September 2010

06 September - 08 September

Two ECMI panels participate in the University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES), General Conference, Bruges, Belgium

18 September

Tove Malloy giving presentation to the Danish International Humanitarian Association (IHB), Copenhagen

20 September - 21 September

ECMI / European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC) Joint Workshop on Russian Minorities

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October 2010

No ECMI events

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November 2010

No ECMI events

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December 2010

06 December

ECMI Advisory Council Annual Conference “National Minorities in the 21st Century Europe”, and ECMI Advisory Council Meeting, Flensburg

07 December

ECMI Executive Board Meeting, Flensburg

16 December

ECMI/European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC) presentation of the Yearbook to the Intergroup on National Minorities of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France

16 December

Annual Meeting of the Yearbook General Editors, Strasbourg, France

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