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Every year the ECMI organizes a number of events both in Flensburg and in the regions of our Regional offices. Conferences, seminars, workshops,  lectures and other types of events are usually announced ahead of time on our main homepage or on the pages of the Regional offices.

Recurrent events include

The Advisory Council Conference

The SRAN Meeting

The annual Minority Roundtable


For all events that the Centre has participated in month for month, see below.


Events 2013

Conferences, Seminars, Lectures and Events
Additional events are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible.

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January 2013

09 January - 09 January

The students of Minority Regime Seminar from the European Studies Programme at University of Flensburg visit ECMI. The group had a chance to have a tour around Kompagnietor and ECMI Library.
More information about the Minority Regime Seminar.

11 January - 13 January

ECMI Researcher Dr. Andreea Udrea participated in the conference on "Relocating Borders: a comparative approach" organized by Humboldt university, Berlin. Dr. Udrea presented the paper "Inclusion, Political Equality and Unsettled Borders: The Case of Serbs from the Northern Part of Kosovo".

11 January - 11 January

Handover of ECMI Executive Board Chairmanship takes place at ECMI!

From 2013 Dr. Jørgen Kühl takes over from Dr. Knud Larsen who has held the position since 2006. The handover event included the meetings with the Director of ECMI, ECMI Staff, press-conference, and the reception.
More information about the new chairman is available on the ECMI blog.
Information from the local media is available in German and Danish.

17 January - 18 January

ECMI Director Dr. Tove Hansen Malloy and the Legal Counsel Astrid Voss participate in the ERASMUS workshop on education of bilingual childrenat University College Syddanmark in Haderslev, Denmark. 

18 January - 19 November

ECMI Organizes workshop on Media and Minorities. Contact person: Federica Prina.

More information on the event on ECMI blog.


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February 2013

05 February - 08 February

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr.Alexander Osipov participates in the seminar of the CASE programme in Vilnius, Lithuania. More information on the Center for Advanced Studies and Education (CASE) available here

11 February - 11 February

Local CDU Politicians visit ECMI in Kompagnietor. The director of ECMI Dr. Tove Malloy presents the work of ECMI.

Note: ECMI doors are open for the local institutions and organizations for visits.

15 February - 15 February

Roma Interns arrive at ECMI!

ECMI Flensburg has been selected by the European Academic Network on Romani Studies to host three interns of Romani background in 2013. Lia Elena Gaudi, Diana Iuliana Pirjol and Aleksandar Marinov will stay at ECMI for 2 months doing research on research on Roma immigration, Roma access to health services,and educational alternatives to penal punishments for young offenders. Check the intern profiles here.


21 February - 21 February

Press Conference of FolkBaltica takes place at Kompagnietor.

Note: Folk Baltika is an annual event supported by ECMI.
More information about FolkBaltica

24 February - 24 February

ECMI Flensburg Researchers, Administrative Staff and the representatives from the Caucasus and Kosovo Regional Offices meet to discuss the further ideas for implementing ECMI Synergy Wheel©.

25 February - 25 February

ECMI Executive Board Meeting takes place.

28 February - 28 February

18 Students from the EU SYD, Sønderborg are visiting ECMI at Kompagnietor. ECMI Librarian Mr. William McKinney introduces the ECMI library and the work of ECMI.
Note: ECMI Doors are open for the local institutions and organizations to visit.

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March 2013

04 March - 04 March

TEMPUS meeting with University of Flensburg takes place at Kompagnietor.
More information about TEMPUS Programme.

07 March - 07 March

ECMI Librarian William McKinney presents ECMI at "Cafe 50+". “Café 50+” is the social group in Flensburg which meets every Thursday to discuss different topics. This time they will hear about ECMI and discuss topics related to ECMI work with Mr. McKinney.

11 March - 15 March

ECMI Director Dr. Tove Malloy participates in ECPR joint Sessions at University of Mainz.
Programme of the session.

15 March - 16 March

ECMI Research Associate Dr. Andreea Carstocea participates in the 37th Annual conference of the Irish Association for Russian, Central and East European Studies "Communism and Post-Communism: Transition, Transformation, Stagnation, Regression". The conference is organized by Dublin City University, Ireland. Dr. Carstocea presents on ‘Accountability and descriptive representation: a forgotten link? Evidence from Romania. 

18 March - 18 March

ECMI Director Dr. Tove Malloy and the Head of Secretariat Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen attend DialogForum Norden, at Flensburghus, Flensburg.

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April 2013

04 April - 08 April

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Federica Prina participates at the BASEES/ICCEES Conference 'Europe: Crisis and Renewal' organized by Cambridge University, UK

05 April - 05 April

ECMI Interns and Visiting researchers visited the Nordfriisk Instituut in Bredtsdt, Germany and learnt about the history and the issues of Frisian minority group in Germany

10 April - 12 April

ECMI Research Associate Dr. Andreea Carstocea participates in the workshop ‘Beyond the individual: the notion of group in human rights research’, organized by the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre – University of Lapland, in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Dr.Carstocea will hold a keynote lecture on ‘The political representation of national minorities in Europe’.

14 April - 15 April

ECMI Director Dr. Tove H. Malloy and the Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova participate in the conference on "Solving Ethno-national Conflicts in Europe" organized by Academic for Civic Education in Tutzig, Germany with support of Federal Agency of Civic Education in Bonn, Germany and Center for Civic Education in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Dr. Malloy will open the Session 1 on "Ethno-national Conflicts in Europe" by discussing the "Position of minorities in a majority society", while Dr. Popova will conduct the workshop on "Minorities in majority Societies".

See the detailed programme of the conference here.

15 April - 15 April

ECMI organizes the forth annual roundtable on minority issues entitled "Regional Identity: Common Culture or Multicultural?" ("Regionale Identität: gemeinsame Kultur oder multikulturell?") . For the detailed information and the invitation click here. To review the information on previous roundtables please click here (In German and Danish).
For further question please refer to Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen.

17 April - 17 April

Roma policy making for Europe: brainstorm meeting at ECMI. The ECMI researchers, Visiting Researchers and the Interns involved in Roma issues will be Joined by the special guest Mr. Eben Friedmann.

19 April - 19 April

FolkBaltica event takes place at ECMI.
To see the programme of the event, click here.
For the details and the invitation click here.

25 April - 25 April

ECMI interns Mr. Aleksandar marinov and Diana Pirjol present their work during the internship at ECMI.

Mr. Marinov and Ms. Pirjol finish their internship in the framework of the programme ‘Supporting Roma in Academia’, organized and financed by the European Academic Network on Romani Studies.
For the detailed information about the interns at the ECMI, please click here.

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May 2013

09 May - 09 May

National Holiday

13 May - 14 May

ECMI Researcher Dr.Andreea Carstocea participates in the workshop on "Formality and Informality from Decoupling to Entanglement. Workshop on the Formal and the Informal in Law, Institutions and Economy". The Organisers of the workshop are the Polish Sociological Association and the University of Warsaw.
Dr. Carstocea presents her paper on "Political representation of national minorities in Romania: ethno-business and (non)accountability".

15 May - 17 April

ECMI Director Dr. Tove Malloy and the Project Research Associate Hanna Vasilevich participate in the seminar on "Transnational and trans-border relations in Europe: A unity in diversity?". The seminar is organized by the University of Flensburg and the University of Southern Denmark. To download the information leaflet of the event click here.

Dr. Malloy will open the floor for the panel on Diversity and Identity while Ms. Vasilevich will present the Polish-Belarusian cross-border with respect of minority issues. For the detailed programme of the event, click here.

20 May - 20 May

Public Holiday

20 May - 25 May

ECMI Senior Researcher Dr. Alexander osipov and Project Research Associate Hanna Vasilevich participated in the conference "Ethnicity and Power" in Yalta, Ukraine and had a field trip in Krimea, Ukraine.

The conference was organized by organized by the Simferopol-based Tavrida National University in cooperation with Norwegian Humanist Association, Ukrainian Ministry of Science and Education, ARC Ministry of Information, and the Ukrainian Association of Conflict Studies. Dr. Osipov and Ms. Vasilevich presented at a plenary session about communist legacies in diversity policies (Osipov) and the linguistic situation in Belarus (Vasilevich).

Please click here to see the presentation of Ms. Hanna Vasilevich.

22 May - 22 May

ECMI hosts a conference:126. Jahrestagung "Verein für niederdeutsche Sprachforschung" (126th Annual Meeting for Lower Germany Language Research). The conference is open for public. Please review the press release here (German only). Contact person: Robert Langhanke.

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June 2013

13 June - 14 June

ECMI sponsors the workshop on "Minority languages in a multilingual Europe" at the University of Groningen. The worksop is dedicated to the 34th Annual TABU Dag. ECMI Senior Researcher Dr. Federica Prina will participate at the workshop and represent ECMI.

17 June - 19 June

ECMI Project Research Associate Ms. Hanna Vasilevich represents ECMI work and the minority  related issues generally at the Flensburg-Pensa Congress in Pensa, Russia. The congress is organized in terms of the 6-year partnership agreement of the Flensburg City and Pensa City by DIAKO and the State University of Pensa.

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July 2013

04 July - 04 July

ECMI hosts the visiting group from Sondeborg, Denmark. The visitors are the participants of the International Summer Academy 2013 of the Waves of Democracy.

05 July - 05 July

ECMI organizes the conference on "Shaping the Frame Across the Cycles" on Monitoring the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM). To see the information leaflet and the agenda of the event, please click here. For questions regarding the event please refer to Mr. Ugo Caruso.

06 July - 06 July

ECMI organizes an expert workshop on National Minority Indicators: Piloting Indicators for the Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. 

For the draft programme of the workshop, please click here. For the further questions, please refer to Dr. Federica Prina.

10 July - 10 July

ECMI hosts the visiting group from the the German Bundestag. The visitors are the scholarship holders of the International Parliamentarian Stipend (IPS).

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August 2013

19 August - 29 August

Annual ECMI Summer School on National Minorities and Border Regions takes place. Check the summer school page for further details.

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September 2013

02 September - 04 September

ECMI Panel participates at the UACES Conference in Leeds, UK. The ECMI Panel will be represented by Dr. Alexander Osipov, Dr. Federica Prina and Ms. hanna Vasilevich.

18 September - 21 September

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Andreea Carstocea will represent ECMI at OstseeMUN in Flensburg with the topic "Finding New Approaches to Overcome Border Conflicts". OstseeMUN conference is a role-play that aims to simulate the work of the United Nations and other international organizations.OstseeMUN is supported by University of Flensburg, University of Southern Denmark and ECMI.

26 September - 26 September

ECMI and the Danish Library of Flensburg organize the Photo Exhibition on the Ethnic Minority Groups in Georgia. The exhibition will start with the presentation of Georgia by Ms. Tamari Bulia. 

26 September - 27 September

ECMI organizes the workshop on Minority definition. The further information will be uploaded shortly.

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October 2013

03 October - 03 October

Public Holiday

07 October - 07 October

ECMI Project Coordinator Ms. Tamari Bulia represents ECMI at the partner meeting of Master in Peace and Security Studies, University of Hamburg (IFSH).

See the other partner university programmes of ECMI.

11 October - 12 October

ECMI Director Dt. Tove Malloy, Head of Secretariat Ms. Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen,  Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova, Librarian Mr. William McKinney and Secretary Assistant Ms. Jana Suhr represent ECMI at Kulturnatten at Danish Ministry of Science and Innovation in Copenhagen.

21 October - 21 October

ECMI Executive Board meeting at Kompagnietor.

22 October - 23 October

ECMI Director Dr. Tove Malloy presents at the Seminar on "The role of Language and identity rights on federal educational policies in a federal system" organized by Berghof Foundation in Berlin, Germany. 

28 October - 28 October

ECMI Project Coordinator Ms. Tamari Bulia participates at the UK Network on Minority Groups and Human Rights Conference: Contrasting Minority and Indigenous Rights in Practice. The Conference is organized by Human Rights Consortium of the University of London.


31 October - 31 October

ECMI is hosting the SPD Landesverband Schleswig-Holstein from Kiel and a delegation of 20 Social Democrats from the Baltic Sea Region. 

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November 2013

19 November - 24 November

ECMI Project Coordinator Ms. Tamari Bulia participates at the Training Seminar on Human Rights and the Environment in Venice, Italy. The training seminar is organized by European Inter-University Center for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC).

20 November - 23 November

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Andreea Carstocea participates at conference on "Informal practices and structures in Eastern Europe and Central Asia" in Fribourg, Switzerland. The conference is organized by the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN), in cooperation with the Regional Research Promotion Program (RRPP) and the Interfaculty Institute for Central and Eastern Europe at the University of Fribourg (IICEE), with support from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

25 November - 25 November

ECMI Director Dr. Tove Malloy participates at the 15th Anniversary of the Framework Convention of National Minorities (FCNM) in Strasbourg, France.

25 November - 29 November

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Raul Carstocea has partucipated at Sixth Session of the UN Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva, Switzerland.

28 November - 29 November

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Alexander Osipov has attended the book launch event at Queens University Belfast. The evnt was organized to mark the publication of The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy, Peter Lang, 2013, Co-edited by Dr. Osipov.

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December 2013

05 December - 06 December

ECMI organizes a workshop on "Distribution of Financial Support to Organisations Representing National Minorities". For the organisational matters and further details of the workshop, please refer to Dr. Andreea Carstocea.

10 December - 20 December

ECMI sends youth group to the Youth in Action project "Raise your voice". The project will involve interactive ways of learning and knowledge sharing on role of media in colnflict resolution process. The event is organized by Italian NGO You-Net in Cisternino, Italy.

24 December - 26 December

Public Holidays

31 December - 01 January

Public Holidays

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