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Every year the ECMI organizes a number of events both in Flensburg and in the regions of our Regional offices. Conferences, seminars, workshops,  lectures and other types of events are usually announced ahead of time on our main homepage or on the pages of the Regional offices.

Recurrent events include

The Advisory Council Conference

The SRAN Meeting

The annual Minority Roundtable


For all events that the Centre has participated in month for month, see below.


Events 2018

Conferences, Seminars, Lectures and Events
Additional events are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible.

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January 2018

22 January

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy is taking part in the Danish Chairmanship event in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg. 

23 January

Head of division of the Schleswig-Holstein land Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Hans Staecker is making a prersentation on "Language Issues/Minority Educational System in Schleswig-Holstein" at the ECMI. 

24 January - 26 January

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy is participating in the launch of the Centre of Excellence at the University of Helsinki

24 January - 26 January

ECMI Project Research Associate Stanislav Cernega is participating in launch of Centre of Excellence at the University of Helsinki

25 January - 26 January

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Sergiusz Bober and Junior Research Associate Sonja Wolf are attending the COST application workshop at the SDU in Sønderborg. 

29 January - 02 February

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova and Communications and Outreach Tamari Bulia are participating in the GIZ project final event meeting in Skopje. 

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February 2018

07 February

Committee of Europe at the Schlewig-Holstein land parliament is visiting the ECMI to learn about the work ECMI is doing. As well they are relocating to ECMI for the day with their meetings and are using ECMI facilities.

12 February

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy and her researchteam for Ukraine travel together with international minority experts ( Mr. Johannes Callsen, Commissioner of the Minister-President of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein for National Minorities and Ethnic Groups and Ms. Swetlana Krätschmar President of the City Council of Flensburg) to Kyiv, Ukraine.

The event is hosted by Dr. Rostyslav Pavlenko, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine and intends to advance the discourse on ethno-cultural relations and their development in Ukraine. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education of Ukraine and representatives of the Experts’ Council on Ethno-Political Issues at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine i.e. Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Yevtukh and Ms. Olha Zhmurko also attend the event. Dr. Andrii Yurash (Ministry of Culture of Ukraine) introduces the book “Constellation of Cultures”.

Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy presents the work of ECMI and the four pathways to sustainable ethno-governance in Ukraine. She also highlights the achievements of the EPP programme in Ukraine. Dr. Sergiusz Bober (Senior Research Associate at ECMI) moderates statements delivered by the national minorities on how they envisage cooperation with national and regional authorities.

19 February - 20 February

Ecmi Senior Resaerch Associate Dr. Zora Popova, Resaerch Assisatant Viktoria Martovskaya and Communications and Outreach Tamari Bulia are organizing trainings under the frames of the ECMI Teaching in Diversity project in Kiel.

19 February - 23 February

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy is attending the 61st ACFC Plenary meeting in Strasbourg. 

21 February - 22 February

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova will be attending the Teaching in Diversity training. She will be supporting Partners in Bulgaria.

22 February

ECMI Senior Resaerch Associate Dr. Ljubica Đorđević is participating in the workshop CODES "Cultural Diversity" at the Europa-University of Flensburg

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March 2018

04 March - 09 March

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy is with the ACFC on a monitoring visit to Switzerland. 

08 March - 08 March

ECMI team conducts pilot trainings for teachers in Kiel, Germany. The teacher trainings are conducted within the framework of the Teaching in Diversity Project. Read more

13 March - 14 March

The ECMI and the Goethe University Frankfurt organize a Book Launch Conference on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: Taking Stock after 20 Years. Read more

19 March - 23 March

ECMI teaches in Swansea: The ECMI course on the minority protection regime in Europe is now a part of a curriculum at the University of Swansea in Wales, UK. Read more

20 March - 24 March

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove Malloy delivers a lecture and participates in series of workshops on the topic "Asymmetry in decentralised systems – balancing regional diversity with national harmony", taking place in Jakarta and Padang, Indonesia. The events are organised by Max Plank Foundation and Max Plank Institute (Heidelberg), Centre for Constitution Studies (Andalas University), Centre for Anti-Corruption Studies (UGM) – and Curtin University (Perth). Co-sponsors: Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung (Germany), Constitutional Court of Indonesia and Hanns Seidel Stiftung (Germany).

27 March - 28 March

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova and Research Assistant Viktoria Martovakaya are participating in the partners' meeting of the Teaching in Diversity project in Sofia, Bulgaria. Read about the project here

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April 2018

18 April - 18 April

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova takes part in a Roundtable ‘National minorities and the local self-government (LSG) reform in Ukraine: opportunities for social-economic cohesion’. The event is organized by U-LEAD in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

18 April - 18 April

Chairman of the ECMI Executive Board Prof. Dr. Jørgen Kühl delivers his inaugural lecture as an honorary professor at the European University Flensburg.

18 April - 19 April

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be attending the first meeting of the 2020 committee in Kiel Staatskancellei.

20 April - 20 April

ECMI internal Workshop on Central Asia. Read about the ECMI project on Minority Issues on Centrl Asia.

25 April - 27 April

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova is holding the lecture and the cooperation meeting at the University of Jena.

26 April

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be meeting with Deputy Acquaviva, in the French Assembly in Paris, France.

27 April

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be attending an ACFC meeting on Switzerland organised by the Council of Europe in Paris, France.

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May 2018

15 May

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova takes part in a High Level Conference on Economic and social cohesion in the Western Balkans, jointly organized by TAIEX and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Sofia, Bulgaria.

15 May

ECMI Executive Board Meeting takes place at the Danish Central Library, Flensburg.

28 May - 01 June

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be attending the ACFC Plenary in Strasbourg, France

29 May

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Zora Popova participates in a conference on 'Roma inclusion: where we stand and where we are going to?'

The conference is organized by Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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June 2018

04 June - 04 June

ECMI hosts the annual roundtable conference on minority issues at the ECMI headquarters in Kompagnietor, Flensburg.

11 June - 15 June

ECMI team delivers a course on European Politics and National Minorities at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek, Kyrgystan. Read more here

18 June

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be attending the 20th anniversary conference of the FCNM in Strasbourg, France.

20 June - 23 June

ECMI Project assistant Polina Sulima will be attending the FUEN Congress in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

20 June - 21 June

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be speaking at the Corsica conference in the French National Assembly.

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July 2018

04 July - 06 July

ECMI Senior Research Associates Dr. Sergiusz Bober and Dr. Ljubica Djordjevic participated in the annual conference of the Asssociation for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) in Graz. Seriusz presented about "Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein vis-a-vis Denmark’s policy towards persons of foreign origin after June 2015 parliamentary election. The case of ‘Flensborg Avis’ newspaper." 

09 July - 11 July

Teaching in Diversity project team participates in the partnership meeting. This meeting is hosted by the UK partner Kairos Europe and will take place in London. Read about the project here.

09 July - 20 July

ECMI Research Associate Caitlin Boulter will be attending the EURAC Summer school on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Governance. The Summer School will focus on “Power Sharing in Divided Societies” and will examine the challenge of complex diversity, through theoretical and empirical perspectives from Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America.

09 July - 13 July

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Sergiusz Bober and Junior Research Associate Sonja Wolf are attending the ABS conference in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary.

15 July - 16 July

ECMI Director Prof. Malloy participates in the 10th Anniversary of the Bolzano/Bozen Recommendations on National Minorities in Inter-State Relations. The event with the title 'New Challenges and Lessons Learned' is organised by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities. Read more here

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August 2018

28 August - 29 August

Visit by Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, the High Commissioner on National Minorities to the European Centre for Minority Issues.

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September 2018

01 September - 09 September

Our National Minorities and Border Regions Summer School takes place, this time, in Brussels! Read more

15 September

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be speaking at a seminar in Frauenbruecke Ost-West Herbstforum, Nordseeakademie Leck.

19 September

Research Assistant Viktoria Martovskaya, and Junior Research Associate Sonja Wolf will be attending a UNESCO conference of German Schools "Global Citizen 2030”. ECMI will be providing a workshop for students and teachers participating in the conference on citizenship and cooperation.

24 September

Public lecture by Prof. Catherine Poujol on “The Bukharan Jews: 33 years of field research”. The presentation will take place at the Europa Universität Flensburg, Room HEL 065.

27 September

Public lecture by Dr. Peter Kroh on “Minderheitenpolitik als Teil der Erinnerungskultur“. The presentation will take place at the ECMI, Kompagnietor, Schiffbrücke 12, from 17-19 hrs. The presentation will be in German.

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October 2018

28 October - 02 November

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy will be speaking at an NGO workshop on the cultural rights of the Afrikaans in Pretoria, South Africa. More information 

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November 2018

01 November - 01 November

ECMI Senior Research Associate Dr. Đorđević-Vidojković and Communications Coordinator Katharina Schönharting attend the 2020 Schleswig-Holstein committee meeting in Kiel 

02 November - 04 November

 "Youth for Empowerment"  Training in Odesa, Ukraine. More information 

07 November - 07 November

ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy attends the 30th anniversary of German Federal Commissioner on National Minorities. More information

19 November - 20 November

ECMI Director Prof. Malloy presents to the Sub-committee on Human Rights (DROI Committee) in the European Parliament

23 November - 23 November

ECMI coorganizes together with the Sorbian Institut Bautzen and the Institut für schleswig-holsteinische Zeit- und Regional Geschichte (IZRG) a workshop on historical minority research.

28 November - 28 November

ECMI Director Prof. Malloy attends the UN Forum in Geneva

29 November - 29 November

Final event of ECMI`s project Teach-D

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December 2018

05 December - 05 December

ECMI researchers, Stanislav Černega and Viktoria Martovskaya  train about 20 employees from the cross-cultural department/ Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) on minority issues in Europe.


06 December - 06 December

Authors’ Workshop at the ECMI with Canadian scholars

11 December - 11 December

Final Event of the ECMI Project “Youth for Empowerment” in Ukraine

13 December - 13 December

Junior Research Associate Sonja Wolf  attends  the third edition of the Forum of European Minority Regions:"Shaping our Regions", is organised by the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN - Federal Union of European Nationalities).

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