Local Consultants / Project Management

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Call for Expression of Interest for the provision of local consultancy/services in the area of project management

The ECMI is seeking to select two local consultants based in Serbia with a relevant education background and work experience, who will assist the ECMI in implementing the project “Minority Protection for EU Accession (MPA)” in the field.

Consultancy Period: January-December 2023

Place of execution of services: Serbia  

Deadline for Applications: 28 November 2022

*** The realization of the call is conditioned with the project approval by the GIZ.

Background and objectives of the consultancy

Serbia’s accession into the EU largely depends on the fulfilment of the political criteria, among which EU accession Chapter 23 covering fundamental rights plays a central role. Ever since the EU enlargement wave in the 1990s (resulting in ten Central and Eastern European countries joining the EU in 2004), adequate protection of national minorities has become an essential condition for a country to join the EU. Against this backdrop, in 2016 Serbia adopted its first Action Plan for the protection of national minorities with the aim to set a clear track for complying with the benchmarks of Chapter 23. In 2022, a new Action Plan shall be adopted. Its primary goal is to improve the implementation of the generally solid legal framework and decrease the implementation gap. 

The MPA project will support Serbia in meeting the benchmarks of Chapter 23 relating to the protection of national minorities by improving the implementation of relevant laws and policies (e.g. the Action Plan for the Protection of National Minorities). This will be achieved through a wide range of activities structured around four thematic areas: 1) monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan; (2) awareness-raising among civil servants; (3) strengthening of the Councils for Interethnic Relations in various Serbian municipalities; and (4) capacity-building of National Minority Councils representing specific minority communities. Ultimately, the project will not only empower the core stakeholders involved in national minority protection in Serbia, but also promote human and minority rights, the value of social cohesion beyond ethnic lines, and the importance of stable and friendly interethnic relations, which are all necessary preconditions for a democratic political order.     

The project will be implemented through a wide range of activities, targeting various public institutions at the national, provincial, and local levels, as well as representatives of national minorities in Serbia. These include training, workshops, conferences, roundtables, and similar instruments for capacity building, awareness-raising, and institutional empowerment. The engagement of two qualified and experienced local project managers can significantly contribute to the efficient and smooth implementation of the envisaged activities.

Description of tasks

The selected consultants/service providers will contribute to the implementation of the MPA project through the provision of the following services:

  • liaising with the authorities and the core stakeholders relevant to the project;
  • cooperating closely with the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue and support with the monitoring implementation of the Action Plan for the Realization of the Rights of National Minorities;
  • sending out invitations;
  • contacting trainers, and concluding contracts;
  • developing calls for participants and taking care of adequate participation in the project activities;
  • overseeing the budget;
  • reviewing budgetary documentation;
  • reporting to the ECMI project manager;
  • and other relevant project management services.
Selection criteria
  • University degree in social sciences, political sciences, or any related field;
  • Proven experience in project management;
  • Knowledge and demonstrated interest in minority protection;
  • Excellent oral and written command of Serbian and English;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Proven ability to work in an international and multicultural environment.
Application procedure

Interested applicants should submit:

  • a letter of expression of interest;
  • a CV (indicating experience that is relevant to the consultancy); and
  • a list of two references. 

Application materials should be submitted electronically to Ms. Oana Buta (buta@ecmi.de) no later than 28 November 2022.


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