Minority protection norms - the setup, the interpretation and the practice

An effective protection of national minorities presupposes a clear and consistent legal framework, established institutional arrangements which provide efficient implementation of set norms, and effective remedies and protection mechanisms in case of violation of guaranteed rights. Exactly these areas form a core of the interest of the Cluster and the main strategic areas for research and action-oriented projects.

••• Normative Framework(s) for Minority Protection: The work in this area focuses on legal guarantees of national minority rights set in domestic legislation throughout Europe. The research addresses the quality of legal frameworks in general, plus the legal setup of specific national minority rights in particular. It also analyses to what extent established legal (normative) setups in domestic legislation provide a channel for the implementation of European standards (set in the FCNM and the ECRML).

••• Implementation and Protection of National Minority Rights: Even a perfectly formulated legal act can remain a façade, impotent to produce effects. Thus, the quality of minority protection depends to great extent on the quality of the implementation of set norms and especially of guaranteed rights. Thus, the focus here lies on identifying shortcomings in implementation and the causes of such shortcomings. In addition, the focus lies on justiciability of national minority rights, on remedies which are on disposal if national minority rights have been violated, on effectiveness of such remedies, and on analysis of the case-law relevant for national minority protection.

••• Institutional Arrangements: Here our interest lies in varying institutional arrangements at different levels of governance related to minority protection, in particular: decentralization of powers and mechanisms at regional and local level of governance for protection of national minorities, impacts of autonomy arrangements on the quality of minority protection, and consultative mechanisms established to channel participation of national minorities in public affairs.

••• Minority Protection Dynamics (New Trends): Protection of national minorities should not lead to their conservation and underdevelopment. Minorities as well as minority protection should keep pace and follow the developments in modern society. Thus, the focus in this respect lies in new challenges in minority protection, as well as the specific dynamics in minority protection. In this respect, the following can be of relevance: the collection and protection of ethnic sensitive data, the impact of the development of e-administration on the enjoyment of national minority rights, mobility and migration, multiple-identities, and dynamics within minority groups (with the emphasis on the democracy from within).

Head of Cluster

Ljubica Đorđević-Vidojković

Affiliated experts

Farimah Daftary
David Galbreath
Fernand de Varennes
Kristin Henrard
Malte Brosig
Balazs Vizi
Jennifer Jackson Preece
Levente Salat
Kinga Gal

Cluster News

ECMI Working Paper #104 is Now Online!

ECMI Working Paper #104 is Now Online!

The ECMI Working Paper #104 is now online. The paper focuses on drafting domestic legislation provisioning national minority rights.
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Meet the new members of the ECMI team

Meet the new members of the ECMI team

During the last few weeks, the ECMI team was joined by number of new members. We are pleased to welcome them all now at Kompagnietor!
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The ECMI Working Paper #100 is now online!

The ECMI Working Paper #100 is now online!

The ECMI Working Paper #100 is now online. The paper focuses on Women and Ethno-Cultural Communities in Ethiopia. In celebrating this special number, let’s look back and recap some of the most read ECMI Working Papers.
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ECMI Job Announcements

ECMI Job Announcements

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) invites applications for two positions as Senior Research Associate within the field of “Minority Studies” beginning 1 September 2017. Minority Studies at the ECMI cover research on ethno-cultural groups and autochthonous national minority issues in Europe.
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