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Ukraine has a long history of being a multicultural society with a tradition of inter-ethnic tolerance and respect for ethno-cultural and religious groups. The geographical location of Ukraine is specific in many respects. It lies on the bounds of Europe and Asia, being a crossroad of Western and Eastern Europe, and it borders with seven neighbouring countries. All these factors have defined Ukraine's rather mixed national composition and the need to accommodate a wide range of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. In spite of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the illegal annexation of Crimea, the Ukrainian government has continued to enhance national minority protection and support national minority promotion. Over the years, democratization of the Ukrainian society involved developing norms and standards for the protection of national and ethnic as well as religious minorities. Co-operation with international organizations has helped further the development and implementation of minority rights instruments and ethno-cultural governance policies. During the past strategy period, a number of policy areas that impact directly or indirectly on the protection of national minorities has been undergoing reform. Most importantly, there has been, and are, ongoing efforts to review and reform human rights legislation and policy programming that has direct impact on national minority protection. These efforts are progressing but at a slow pace. Securing sustainable ethno-cultural governance and stable inter-ethnic relations in Ukraine would, therefore, need to address the inter-ethnic challenges.

It is the vision of the ECMI to continue its work in the promotion and protection of the rights of national minorities in Ukraine. The research focus includes mainstreaming in decentralisation, indigenous rights, IDPs’ rights, equality in education and the media.

Specific research objectives for Ukraine include:

- Reviewing legislation to clarify the legal situation by mainstreaming minority protection in all relevant legislation that supports the substantive minority rights spelled out in a revised Law on National Minorities,

- Analysing of the specific situation of indigenous peoples and IDPs,

- Examining of decentralisation efforts to assess the level of attention put on national minority participation and protection,

- Analysing education legislation and programmes,

- Exploring methods of data collection. 

The team of the ECMI Ukraine Programme is based in Kyiv and assists with the implementation of projects, designing of new projects, and maintaining contacts to the authorities and the minority representatives.


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