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Ethnic conflict has once again become a threat to peace in Europe. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while often cast as an overarching geopolitical escapade, has also been linked to ethnopolitics and the safeguarding of ethnic minorities. The 2023 ECMI Summer School will examine what our collective knowledge about ethnic confl ict – both in Europe and elsewhere in the world – can tell us about why this torment is rising again and what can be done to stop it.

Alongside more micro-level precipitators like local disputes or triggers in specific contexts, attention will also be paid to long-term, structural causes like poverty, discrimination and exclusion. Likewise, participants will examine arrangements for resolving ethnic confl ict, including both institutional mechanisms as well as person-to-person programmes. Lastly, the Summer School will include a quantitative component, where scholars linked to the Ethnic Power Relations project will introduce the wealth of comparative datasets available to examine confl icts on a more systematic level.

The keynote address for the 2023 Summer School will be given by Erika Forsberg (Uppsala University). Other lecturers will include Andreas Juon (ETH Zurich), H. Zeynep Bulutgil (University College London), and Daniel Bochsler (CEU & University of Belgrade). The Summer School will be co-organised by the Coppieters foundation and take place in cooperation with the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade. It will also draw on synergies with the ECMI’s new project on “Minority Protection for EU Accession” in Serbia as well as a high-level research project on trigger events that precipitate ethnic protest and conflict SPARK.

For more info and application, please go to the Summer School page.

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