ECMI researchers Sergiusz Bober and Craig Willis participated in the International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML).

The International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML) is the most prominent conference in the discipline. © website ICML

Last week, Sergiusz and Craig headed to Carmarthen in Cymru/Wales, for the 19th edition of the International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML). Attending the most prominent conference in the field of minority languages involved a variety of roles for the Cluster. Sergiusz organised a panel titled ‘Minority language journalism and its practitioners: between the definition of the category, professional profiles, and linguistic challenges’, featuring presentations from Dr. Jenny-Stenberg-Sirén, Jakob Volgger, as well as a co-presentation alongside Dr. Facundo Reyna-Muniain, chaired by Dr. Miren Manias. The two then presented a paper with Miren, titled ‘The impact of media on the revitalization and use of minority languages: insights from an international Delphi study’, an update on an ongoing research project between the three of them. Craig and Sergiusz also presented a paper together with former ECMI visiting researcher Will Hughes, on the topic of ‘Minority languages and football clubs: a study of linguistic landscapes and language practices of clubs and their fans’. Finally, the Friday afternoon saw a meeting of the International Association for Minority Language Media Research (IAMLMR) of which Sergiusz and Craig are members. The meeting discussed plans for the coming year, including the arrangements for the 3rd conference of the association to be held in July 2024 in Mafeking, South Africa. In addition to these events in the programme, Craig had also been active as a member of the Scientific Committee across the last year and continued to assist with organisational duties throughout the week, including chairing two panels.

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