ECMI Supports Black Lives Matter Movement


The Black Lives Matter movement is currently seeing unprecedented support across the globe. On June 6, rallies, marches and protests took place in cities and towns around the world, including here in Flensburg, just metres away from ECMI Headquarters. This movement addresses not only the problems of police violence against Black people in the US, but also systemic racism in state institutions internationally, including throughout Europe. This is a time when we must all confront the historical legacy of white supremacy as well as the contemporary reality of racism that besets many of the nations we live in.

At the ECMI, we stand with these critical introspections as well as the social and political change that must come about from them. We also extend our gratitude to all – particularly to our Black and POC colleagues throughout Europe and the world – who do the work of research and education on human rights, racism, systemic violence, Indigenous and Roma rights, refugee protection, and discrimination against people of all backgrounds on the basis of race. This work enriches our field of study and better informs our own research and discussions on the importance of diversity.

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