Job Vacancy - Senior Researcher and Head of Cluster


The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) invites applications for the position of Senior Researcher and Head of Cluster within the field of “Conflict and Security”.

The Senior Researcher will be responsible for developing the Centre’s “Conflict and Security” cluster, meaning the cluster’s research themes and output, its liaison with relevant partners and stakeholders, its visibility through workshops and other events as well as its external fund-raising through projects or grants.

The field of “Conflict and Security” within the realm of minority issues encompasses the academic and policy-relevant study of ethnic conflict, conflict prevention, conflict settlement, post-conflict community-building, majority-minority relations, the security of minority groups and all international dimensions related to these questions. In parallel, the field may overlap with areas such as human rights, democratization, international law, regional security, international relations or development studies. The geographic focus is on Europe, defined as the scope of the Council of Europe. Both quantitative and qualitative research approaches are welcome.

The successful candidate will be expected to lead the cluster’s research output, policy-advice activities, external funding applications, project implementation, dissemination and outreach efforts. The cluster leader will be responsible for developing a personal research profile within the cluster, whilst also serving as a point-person for the general field. Together with other heads of cluster, they will be involved in the strategic management of the Centre as well as the Centre’s publication and other activities.

Find out more about the vacancy and the application process here.

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