New Series of Video Interviews Has Been Launched


The ECMI has started a new series of video interviews called ECMI Conversations with Experts. ECMI Conversations with Experts are a series of monthly video interviews between a prominent expert in the field of minority issues and a researcher from the European Centre for Minority Issues. 

The guest of the first episode is Matt Qvortrup, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Coventry University. Within political science, Prof. Qvortrup is known for his work on referendums – not only as a tool for direct democracy, but also as a political phenomenon, such as most recently a co-authored study on why and how autocratic rulers use referendums to prop up their regimes. He is interviewed by the ECMI Director Prof. Vello Pettai.

The first episode is linked to the International Conference “Minorities and Self-Determination – the 100th Anniversary of the Post-World War I Plebiscites. The conference was scheduled to start today on 18th June 2020, but because of the coronavirus it has been postponed to June 2021.

Please find the video interview below.

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