Study Visit in Berlin – the participants of the ‘Future Minority Leaders Initiative’ spent one week together in the German capital

The group meeting the Advisor to the Federal Government against Antigypsyism and for the Life of Sinti and Roma in Germany. © ECMI

In the early morning of the first day of the programme, one could already feel the excitement and joy of the young attendees from Moldova and Ukraine when they met in the hotel lobby. They had travelled a long way to participate in the intense one-week study trip.

Most of them knew each other already from a summer school organised earlier this year within the framework of the project in Moldova. 

A packed programme allowed the young, motivated minority members, activists and state representatives to learn more about the minority protection regime in Germany. 

Coming from diverse fields and backgrounds, they all shared one common interest: their passion for minorities and minority rights. This interest corresponded with the lectures they attended throughout the week.

The participants’ curiosity and eagerness to learn more about minority rights and minority participation were at this occasion impressive. A scheduled two-hour presentation of Mr. Gösta Nissen, Head of the Minority Secretariat, for example, turned into a three-hour Q&A session just because the participants had so much to ask.

Further meetings, among others, with the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), Youth for European Nations (YEN), and the Advisor to the Federal Government against Antigypsyism and for the Life of Sinti and Roma in Germany, illuminated different aspects of minority life, minority youth, and minority protection. 

A highlight of the trip was also the excursion to Cottbus, where the 11 participants learned more about the Sorbian Minority. A visit to the German Bundestag stood on the agenda as well. 

Exciting, valuable days full of lectures, debates, and excursions lie behind us. We thank the participants for this inspiring week in Berlin and wish you lots of success with your future careers and engagements. 

‘Future Minority Leaders Initiative’ is a project funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.




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