The newest ECMI Issue brief introduces the concept of national minority capital


The concept of national minority capital combines regional development studies, minority studies, social capital theory and results from the analysis of empirical research conducted by the ECMI in the previous years: among others, the bridge-building role of national minorities within and across states of the five geographic regions Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern and Western Europe in 2016/2017 and the latest ECMI project in Ukraine (“DMD” 2018/2019).

The former ECMI studies defined minorities as bridgebuilders of cross-border cooperation and proved that they can play a significant role in local decision-making processes and contribute actively to the development of their localities.

In eight pages, the author of the issue brief, Dr. Zora Popova explains the concept of national minority capital and defines it against the background of minority and social capital studies.

The concept is a new research angle in addition to the already established  theories in the field of minority studies. As it is the ECMI`s conspiration to constantly widen its scope of research, this new  approach is expected to be helpful for further interdisciplinary academic research and political debates in the field of minority issues.

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