Two more Anniversary Bundles are out.

ECMI 25th Anniversary Publication Bundles
ECMI 25th Anniversary Publication Bundles

As you might know, 2021 is a special year for the ECMI!

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the ECMI commissioned an analysis of its entire publication collection, aiming to identify key analytical areas, where the ECMI’s publications have had the most impact. Carried out by Pablo Gavira Diaz from the University of Kiel, the analysis singled out 10 themes, where across the last 25 years a clear thread of scholarly advancement can be seen thanks to the ECMI’s publications. These works could be re-combined into special thematic bundles, which will be presented one by one every other week until the anniversary reception in December.

After the release of our first thematic bundle Minorities in the Digital Age four weeks ago, the second thematic bundle Non-Territorial Autonomy and the third thematic bundle Self-Determination and Secession are now publicly accessible as well.

We are very pleased to release these bundles in collaboration with Brill, which has kindly allowed selected publications from the European Yearbook of Minority Issues to be accessed for free on their website.  

Find the bundles and more information on our Anniversary here.


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