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Gaelic language not a hindrance to regional development in Scotland

In a recently published ECMI Research Paper, Craig Willis examines regional development at the council area level of Scotland, using the OECD Regional Wellbeing Index as a methodological framework.

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Brandaktueller Kommentar von Professor Stefan Troebst anlässlich des deutsch-dänischen Grenzjubiläums

Professer Troebst war der erste Direktor des ECMI. Er startete mit der Gründung des Forschungszentrums 1996 in sein Amt. Heute ist er an der Universität Leipzig tätig. In seinem Interview mit Adelheid Feilcke (Deutsche Welle, Serbisches Programm, 12. Februar 2020) stellt Professor Troebst sich der Frage, ob die Lösung des deutsch-dänischen Grenzkonfliktes ein Modell für den Balkan sein kann.

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ECMI supports GIZ project in Serbia with its Expertise in the Field of Roma & Education
In the frames of the project Career guidance and counselling for vulnerable groups in Serbia, ECMI experts contributed to the brochure TALENTE ENTDECKEN & FÖRDERN (“Discovering and Supporting Talents”) published by the German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ), the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Land Schleswig-Holstein.
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ECMI Minorities Blog: A post-election update on the Brexit implications for Celtic Languages in the UK

Amongst all the Brexit noise there has been limited scrutiny on specific impacts, including from the angle of traditional native minority languages. This article aims to highlight potential future implications on Celtic languages that Brexit could have on themes related to: legal instruments, funding opportunities, regional economic impact, pan-European cooperation opportunities, and independence movements. In this, particular focus is given to potential short and long term implications of what still remains a hypothetical unknown phenomenon.

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