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Author Horváth, István (ed.)
Tonk, Márton (ed.)
Title Minority Politics within the Europe of Regions
Parallel title / Title of generic unit
Subject 1. Minorities-Political activity. 2. Central Europe-1990.
Publisher Cluj-Napoca: Scienta Publishing House
Year 2011
Pages 660
Description This volume of essays and studies includes the presentation of the international scientific conference organised between 17-19 June 2010 by the European Studies and International Relations Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Arts of the Sapienta Hungarian University of Transylvania and the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities. The authors of this volume investigate issues related to the status of European national minorities and European regionalism and federalism. The central elements of the conference were such topics as language rights and cultural policies, ethno-regionalism and autonomy, the political representation of minorities, the past and present of ethnically or religiously divided societies, ethnopolitics, and minority protection in Romania.
Type Book
Note Includes bibliographical references and abstracts. CONTENTS: Foreword, by István Horváth, László Marácz and Márton Tonk / 'New' Nations in 'Old' Europe: Ethnogenesis and Ethnopolitical Mobilisation in the Shetland and Orkney Islands of Scotland, by Britt Cartrite / Minority Rights and the Dynamics of Europeanisation: Convergence in the Regional Governance of the Danish-German Border Region or What One Preaches, the Other Practises, by Tove H. Malloy / Between 'Independence in Europe', a 'Europe with a Hundred Flags', and a 'Europe of' or 'with the Regions'. Conceptualising the Relation between Stateless Nations and European Integration in Western Europe (1945-2010), by Klaus-Jürgen Nagel / Constitutional Preferences, National Identity and Electoral Behaviour: The Three Circles of Nationalism, by Ivan Serrano / Spain: from the Autonomy Model to the Federalism. The Case of Catalonia, by István Szilágy / The Protection of the Mother Tongue of National and Ethnic Minority Communities in the Republic of Croatia, by Goran Bandov / To be or Not to Be (A Minority)? The Case of the Kashubians in Poland, by Michael Hornsby and Tomasz Wicherkiewicz / Language Polices in Central and East European States with Hungarian Minorities: Implications for linguistic Rights Protection of National Minorities in the EU, by László Marácz / Making Sense of Ambiguity: Redefining Minority-Majority Relations in a Post-Soviet Country, by Mykola Riabchuk / Territorial Autonomy of the Gagauz in the Republic of Moldova: A Case Study, by Andrei Avram / Contemporary Minority Protection in Europe: Collision and Harmony between National and International Law, by Ana Pavlovic / Personal Autonomy and/or National Councils in Vojvodina, by Csaba Máté Sarnyai and Tibor Pap / Friend, Foe or Simply Indifferent? EU Conditionality in the field of Minority Protection in the Light of the Demands of Ethnic Minority Parties, by Edina Szöcsik / The Szekler Autonomy Initiatives, by Edina-Ildikó Tipter / Deconstructing a Region: the Banat/Bánság, by Barna Bodó and Aspár Zoltán Szász / The Backstage of a Success Story. Minority Protection in Lithuania, by Sébastien Gobert / Minority Regimes at Work - Hungarian Experiences on the Interrelated Complexities of Data Protection and Minority Protection, by Balázs Majtényi and András László Pap / A History of Collective Minority Rights in the European Historical Context, by Pieter H. van der Plank / The Treatment of Minorities in Religious Perspective: The Catholic Church and the German Minority in Upper Silesia between 1922 and 2010, by Maik Schmerbauch / Recognition/Registration Policies towards Religious Minorities: A Comparative Legal Analysis and a Human Rights-Based Analysis / Jeroen Temperman / The Historical and the Present Status of the Turkish Minority in Bulgaria, by Fahri Türk / Accomodating Religious Pluralities: The Case of Greece, by Eleni Velivasaki / Minorities, Minority Protection in Romania, by István Horváth / Recommencement without Prospects. The Transylvanian Museum Society between 1944 and 1950, by János Kristóf Murádin / Szekerland: The Touristic Way to Autonomy, by Benedek Nagy / Present and Future of Higher Education in the Hungarian Language in Romania, by Márton Tonk and Tünde Székely / Abstracts / About the Authors
Language English
Identifier 9786069274446
Call No. 305.8
Location Library

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