Executive Board

  • Chairperson Prof. Dr. Jørgen Kühl
    Director of the A.P Møller Skolen, Schleswig, Germany
  • Vice-Chairperson Dr. iur. Beate Sibylle Pfeil
    Legal Expert for Minority Issues in Europe
  • Mr. Hans Müller Pedersen
    Director General of the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Mr. Johannes Callsen
    Der Beauftragte des Ministerpräsidenten des Landes Schleswig- Holstein in Angelegenheiten nationaler Minderheiten und Volksgruppen, Grenzlandarbeit und Niederdeutsch/ The Schleswig-Holstein Minister-President's Commissioner for Matters related to National Minorities and Ethic Groups, Border Area Activities and Low German
  • Mr. Marco Leidekker
    Head of the Secretariat of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
  • Mr. Henrik Villadsen
    Director, High Commissioner on National Minorities, 
    Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) 
  • Professor Garbi Schmidt 
    Professor at the Department of Culture and Identity at the Roskilde University
  • Ms. Petra Nicolaisen
    Member of the German Parliament (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community)
  • Ms. Linda Pieper
    Substitute for Mr. Callsen
  • Mr. Thorsten Afflerbach
    Substitute for Mr. Leidekker
From left to right: Rainer Hofmann, Tove Malloy, Garbi Schmidt, Jørgen Kühl, Henrik Villadsen, Renate Schnack, Linda Pieper and Hans Müller Pedersen (Photo: ECMI).

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