Non-Resident Internship

Within the frameworks of the “Media & Diversity” research project ECMI offers additional places in the non-resident internship programme aiming at finding qualified volunteers to support the ECMI research team over the period September – December 2014 (second phase of the research project).

The specific focus of call falls on the coverage of minority issues in times of elections. Therefore the goal of the second phase of the research is to collect and analyze data from the pre- and post- EU elections period (May 2014) as well as from the respective last national/local elections in the particular country of residence of the interns.

About the NON-RESIDENT internship

Since not all media outlets have online versions and some of the research activities might require work in public libraries or archives, ECMI seeks NON-RESIDENT interns.

Interns will be expected to work from their home countries or from the countries where they currently reside. Fluency in one or more of the minority languages used in that particular country, would be considered an asset.

The main task of the interns will be to assist the principal investigator Dr Zora Popova, Head of ECMI Cluster Culture and Diversity in data gathering and processing of information.

The current internship programme covers the period September – December 2014.

Recognition of internship

Upon their successful performance, interns with be provided with all the necessary documents certifying completion of a full-time 3-month-internship with ECMI. If intern needs to cover a longer period, such can be agreed on an individual basis.

Letters of recommendation will also be provided when the research output presented in the end of the internship meets the required standards.

All additional issues will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis.

Unfortunately, the ECMI Media & Diversity internship programme does not offer remuneration but it offers a non-resident opportunity entailing no additional costs and time-flexibility.

ECMI believes that the non-resident format will suit students and young professionals who are interested in gaining practical research experience, in developing their professional skills under the methodological guidance of the ECMI experts and in the possibility for publishing their research findings with ECMI.  

Successful interns will become a part of the ECMI Interns Network and will be considered for further ECMI initiatives and research opportunities as ECMI field media experts.

Application Process

Application by electronic mail only; no phone calls accepted.

Interested applicants should submit an application via email with the reference in the subject line “Media & Diversity Internship CALL 2”, containing as attachments

1/ Application form:

·        Applicants must indicate clearly the country they would like to cover if accepted. Candidates are allowed to indicate more than one country in their order of preferences

·        Applicants must indicate their language skills and level of fluency

·        Please specify the preferred starting date

·        Please explain your motivation (350 words max!)

·        Please provide names and contact details (including e-mail addresses) of two referees

2/ Curriculum Vitae (indicating clearly prior research experience)

Emails should be sent to: Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen (hansen@ecmi.de)


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