ECMI contributed to the European International Relations Summer School (EIRSS) 2010 – "Conflicts in Europe - Europe in Conflicts"

The European International Relations Summer School (EIRSS) 2010 took place in Tübingen, Germany from 26 July to 6 August. The EIRSS is organised on behalf of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)-Standing Group on International Relations. This year's theme was "Conflicts in Europe - Europe in Conflicts". The EIRSS 2010 provided a forum for doctoral students from across Europe to review the state of the art in conflict analysis and the debate about conflicts in Europe, the effect of European integration on conflict, and the impact of EU actions in conflicts beyond EU borders.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Diez, one of the event’s principal organizers, has recently accepted the invitation to be member of ECMI’s Advisory Council.

The school provided an overview of the main debates on conflict and conflict analysis, with an emphasis on so-called “ethnic” and “religious” conflicts: The present status of conflicts in the EU and the role that European integration has played in transforming them was discussed. Additional topics included the changing nature of conflicts after the end of the Cold War and their consequences for conflict transformation, as well as EU’s involvement in conflicts beyond its territory. For more on the summer school, see www.uni-tuebingen.de/...

With the 2004/7 enlargement, conflicts have become a prominent theme in European Union policy and academic debates. Indeed, enlargement was justified to a great extent by presenting it as a solution to the revival of ethnic conflicts in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, the EU has become engaged in conflicts outside its own territory both through foreign policy means as a “normative power” and through military means in the form of a number of EU missions, from Kosovo to the Congo.

Senior Research Associate PD Dr. Jan Asmussen represented ECMI’s head office during the summer school and presented a lecture on ECMI’s work. Dr. Asmussen is heading ECMI’s research cluster on Conflict and Security. The cluster aims to enhance European security by means of sustainable trust and reconciliation. The cluster has a particular focus on research and revision of reconciliation policies in Europe.


Place and Date: Tübingen, Germany, 26 July - 06 August 2010
Further information: Jan Asmussen asmussen@ecmi.de

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