ECMI convened a workshop on non-territorial autonomy in Flensburg, 24-25 June 2011

On 24-25 June 2011, a workshop on non-territorial autonomy (NTA) took place in ECMI. The workshop brought together scholars, public officials and civil society activists from Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands (office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities), Serbia, Slovenia, and the UK with various professional and disciplinary backgrounds. The workshop addressed the appropriate ways of applying the notion of NTA to scholarly debates as well as limits and potential outcomes of such application. The participants were also brainstorming the prospects and strategies for future research and scientific networking pertaining to NTA.

The idea of non-territorial autonomy on ethnic grounds emerged in the late nineteenth century (usually it is perceived as ascending from Austro-Marxism), became popular in the early twentieth century, contributed to minority-related debates in 1920-30s and has again become a topic for scholarly and political debates in the recent couple of decades. One can find several legal and institutional arrangements resembling Austro-Marxist ideas in different national contexts throughout the twentieth century and today.  ‘Non-territorial autonomy’ and similar terminologies undoubtedly serve as categories of practice in politics, public administration or civil activism. Interpretations of NTA and the respective terminologies vary from discipline to discipline and range from certain institutional designs in minority accommodation to broad ideas of ethnic groups’ agency. The workshop was seeking to sort out the major conflicting approaches to NTA and to set up a new tentative agenda for research and practice-oriented activities.

The workshop participants discussed the major terminologies relating to NTA; identified the crucial issues deserving a thorough analysis in the future; and decided on the establishment of a network for the studies of NTA. The participants also agreed on the future joint events and publications concerning NTA.

Place and Date: Flensburg, 27 June 2011

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