ECMI-EURAC Study Group on Russia meets in Bolzano

The ECMI-EURAC Study Group “National and Ethnic Minorities in the Russian Federation”meets for its second workshop on Sept 21, 2010. The workshop takes place in Bolzano, Italy and is hosted by European Academy.

The workshop brings together a group of internationally renowned experts in the field of minority studies from Russia, Europe, and the United States. In a two-day event, the participants will discuss legal, social, and political changes affecting the nature of ethno-cultural relations and the treatment of ethnic minorities in the Russian Federation. The discussion will be based on papers prepared by the experts for the purposes of the workshop. The papers will constitute a basis for an academic volume on a state of minorities in Russia, which is envisioned as one of the products of the activity of ECMI-EURAC study group. The group takes an explicitly interdisciplinary perspective on the nature of various challenges and opportunities presented by Russia’s immense ethno-cultural heterogeneity.

The Russia study group was set up by ECMI and EURAC at the start of 2010. Its founding meeting took place in Flensburg in April 2010. At ECMI, the activity of the group cuts across a number of core research clusters. The overall aim of the study group is to generate policy-relevant knowledge about the challenges of accommodating ethnic diversity in Russia in accordance with the Council of Europe standards of minority protection and promotion.


Place and Date: Bolzano, 20-21 September 2010
Further information: Oleh Protsyk, protsyk@ecmi.de

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