ECMI hosted a delegation from Israeli Citizens' Accord Forum

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty Office in Israel visited the ECMI on 13 and 14 December to learn its experience of implementing European minority standards in various countries in Europe. The small but very active delegation of the Citizens’ Accord Forum (CAF) came to Flensburg to get introduced to the minorities of the border region but also to discuss with the ECMI how practice-oriented research is translated into action.  The CAF, which aims to engage Jews and Israeli Arabs in a dialogue, has many initiatives relating to improvement of co-existence between the two groups, such as publishing a bilingual newspaper,  based on articles written in either language, not a translation of them. The visit to the ECMI focused on the functioning of the Council of Europe standards, on how the minorities and the governments discuss with each other in cases of disagreement, and how kin-states support respective minorities. ECMI shared information about its research on different power sharing arrangements, in particular on various forms of autonomy as well as research on language issues.  The delegation was particularly interested in finding tools that can make the Jewish and the Arab public more aware of existing different approaches to multiculturalism, and to discuss and study other models of coexistence in multi-ethnic societies. “The introvertive approach does not bring us any further” expressed one young member of the delegation.The CAF representatives visited the ECMI Library and were impressed by the wide variety of materials relating to the above-mentioned subjects that can be found there.

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