ECMI hosts Belarus delegation to study minority governance in the region

In the framework of its Belarus Programme on “International Minority Standards and Inter-Ethnic Dialogue in Belarus”, ECMI will be hosting a delegation from Belarus in the period 09-11 November 2011.  The purpose of the visit is to present majority-minority relations in the Danish-German border region and minority governance in Schleswig-Holstein as a European model of minority enhancement. 

The delegation is composed of representatives of the authorities –  the Office of the Plenipotentiary for Nationalities and Religious Affairs, a representative of the regional office of the Plenipotentiary in Brest;   a representative of the Belarus Academy of Sciences working with Intercultural communication and a representative of the minority Jewish community in Belarus.  Also a Chairman of the Board of the diaspora organisation “Radzima” is part of the delegation to study the ways how to work with Belarus minorities abroad.

The visit programme includes meetings with official authorities in Flensburg and Kiel, minority organisations and institutions, such as schools, libraries, political parties of the Danish, German and the Frisian minority. In Kiel the delegation will meet the Roma community in their own settlement Maro Tem. A meeting with FUEN is also part of the programme.

The delegation will discuss with ECMI further steps in the programme implementation such as joint workshops in Belarus - both in the capital Minsk, as well as in the regions where the minorities live.  

The ECMI programme is supported by external donor and by contributions from the Belarus partner institutions to workshops and conferences on the spot.


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