ECMI hosts panel at 40th Annual UACES Conference in Bruges, Belgium

The 2010 Annual Conference of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) features one ECMI panel on “National minorities and border regions in the 21st century Europe.” European history has linked many national minorities intrinsically to borders. Nation-building processes in 19th and 20th century European history had to be accorded with existing territorial structures. Borders and border revisions have shaped not only the identity of Europe but also the identity of individuals living through the history of redrawn borders and changing national belonging. Concepts of national inclusion and exclusion resulted in a more multifaceted map of a Europe of nationalities than political maps of Europe show. With European integration and especially EU policies of redefining “hard” borders into “soft” borders, national minorities may have new roles to play in an environment formerly very hostile to national minorities claiming allegiance to a foreign national state. Border politics in Europe pose new challenges as well as provide new opportunities to neighbouring states not only in terms of minority governance but also in so far that in a globalising world national minorities may provide the inter-cultural tools that the new border regime requires in order to develop a united Europe of diversity. Untapped energies as well as unknown problems may be available to be discovered.

The papers presented in the ECMI panel will discuss national minorities and border regions from a perspective of Europeanization and integration and its reflection on minorities’ identity and self-consciousness. The panel is organized by ECMI Director Tove Malloy, and ECMI is represented by Junior Research Associate, Timofey Agarin and non-resident Senior Research Associate, Martin Klatt of the University of Southern Denmark.

This year’s Conference is hosted by the College of Europe in Bruges and takes place from 6-8 September. The conference is usually one of the largest events of its kind in Europe and brings together European Union practitioners, politicians and academics in disciplines such as politics, economics and law from across Europe and beyond. For more, see here.

UACES is one of the largest academic organizations in Europe, committed to exchanging ideas on Europe. It provides an independent forum for informed debate and a clearing house for information about European affairs. It is directly involved in promoting research and establishing teaching and research networks. Since 1969, UACES has brought together academics involved in researching and teaching on Europe with practitioners active in European affairs. See more at www.uaces.org.

ECMI is actively involved in UACES research and participates not only in the Annual Conference but also co-operates with international partners in workshops and networks funded by UACES.


Place and Date: Brugges, Belgium, 06-08 September 2010
Further information: info@ecmi.de

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