ECMI organizes panel at the Annual PSA Conference

Together with Queen's University Belfast

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) organizes a panel of experts on non-territorial autonomy at the 62nd Annual Conference of the UK Political Studies Association (PSA) in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

From 3-5 April 2012, ECMI Director Tove H. Malloy and Senior Research Associate Alexander Osipov will participate in the Annual Conference of the PSA, titled “In Defence of Politics.” Together with the Queen’s University Belfast, Tove Malloy and Alexander Osipov have organized a panel “Non-Territorial Autonomy and New Modalities for National Self-Determination”. The aim of the panel is to consider an ongoing paradigm shift that has led to a more multi-dimensional understanding of the relationship between nation, sovereignty, self-determination and democratic governance. The focal point of this shift is the dispersal of democratic governance across multiple and overlapping jurisdictions, whether taking consociational shape, as in the case of Northern Ireland, or of territorial self determination, as in Québec, Catalonia and the Basque country. But there is yet another form that is relatively infrequently considered: the principle of non-territorial autonomy (NTA), a form of self-determination available to territorially dispersed minorities.

The panel looks at NTA first from a theoretical perspective, assessing the extent to which it constitutes a potentially valuable item on the menu of liberal nationalism in its effort to reconcile nationalism with liberal principles, and examining its capacity to promote the construction and maintenance of community identity. Two papers then consider empirical realities in post-communist central and eastern Europe, seeking to evaluate the capacity of NTA to contribute to the formation of a sense of political community there, and the extent to which it is a response to the heritage of the communist period.

The PSA Annual Conference 2012 is organized this year by Queen’s University Belfast. It addresses all aspects of political science studies and hears keynotes lectures from some of the most renowned scholars of the discipline. For more on the conference, click here

Place and date: Belfast, 4-5 April 2012

Contact: info[at]ecmi.de


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