ECMI organizes two events in Belarus

In continuation of its Belarus programme, ECMI will organize two events on minority issues in Belarus. The first one is a workshop to be held in Minsk, in the Institute of Philosophy (National Academy of Sciences) on 1 December; its topic is the ways minority agendas can be set up outside the security and conflict prevention paradigm. The second one is a panel discussion in the frame of IX International Conference on "Ethno-social and Confessional Issues in the Society"; it takes place in Grodno, on 3 December 2011 and is hosted by Janka Kupala University. This meeting focuses on the scenarios and outcomes of collaboration between scholars, on the one hand, and practitioners (minority activists and governmental officials), on the other, and the ways this cooperation can be structured in the most productive way. In order to create greater synergy between ECMI programmes, a guest speaker from the Georgian Council of National Minorities under the Georgian Public Defender Ms Bella Osipova, the Secretary of the CNM, has been invited to present the role of the minorities in the Georgian society and to share the experience of 24 minority organisations work with the civil society and the governmental structures in Georgia. ECMI Georgia has supported the organisation of the CNM through its programme in cooperation with the Council of Europe on "Judicial Reform, Human and Minority Rights", as well as assisted the Georgian government in preparations of the ratification of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. ECMI Georgia is also assisting in preparation of the Georgia's state report on the implementation of the FCNM. The workshops in Minsk and in Grodno are expected to contribute to the creation of a platform for Belarus minority organizations, academic experts and the local and national authorities to look at role of national minorities in the European standards perspective. 

Place and Date: Minsk, 1 December 2011 / Place and Date: Grodno, 3 December 2011 / For further information, please contact: Ewa Chylinski at chylinski [@]ecmi.de or Alexander Osipov at osipov[@]ecmi.de


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