ECMI participated in the “Summer School of Ethnicity and Migration” in Komarno, Slovakia, 19 July – 1 August 2010

The summer school was organized by ECMI’s non-resident Senior Research Associate Dr. Michal Vašečka, Director of the Center for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture Studies, Bratislava. The two-week educational program covered topics on nationalism and ethnicity, de-ethnization of the public sphere, migration and integration analysis, approaches and policies. Topics in relation to de-construction of national myths, analyses of public policies concerning minorities and discussions over desired migration policy models formed the core of the summer school activities. Through debates, lectures and workshops, it presented a unique informal learning space for students from the Central European countries.

Participants were MA Students, PhD students, young researchers, young public officials from countries of Central Europe - Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, and Lithuania, as well as from countries of Eastern Europe and Balkans such as BiH, Macedonia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

The topics that were introduced under the guidance of a wide range of international renowned specialist and scientists included:

• De-construction of the term nation in Central Europe;
• Meanings of nationalism, ethnicity and identity in Central Europe;
• Processes of reconciliation between (Central) European countries;
• de-ethnization of the public sphere in Central European countries;
• Changes and pluralization of identities in globalized times;
• Conceptualization of post-national era;
• Insight into the migration studies in Central European region;
• Changes of migration patterns;
• Evaluation of migration and integration policies of Central European countries;
• Integration of migrants and aliens in Central Europe;
• Migration and social cohesion in Central Europe;
• Changes of citizenship boundaries - citizenship and denizenship.

Senior Research Associate PD Dr. Jan Asmussen represented ECMI’s head office during the summer school and presented a comparative lecture on reconciliation policies in Western-, Central, and Eastern Europe, as well as a talk on reconciliation approaches in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Dr. Asmussen is heading ECMI’s research cluster on Conflict and Security. The cluster aims to enhance European security by means of sustainable trust and reconciliation. The cluster has a particular focus on research and revision of reconciliation policies in Europe.


Place and Date: Komarno, Slovakia, 19 July - 01 August 2010
Further information: Jan Asmussen, Tel. asmussen@ecmi.de

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