ECMI participates in conference on Minority Rights in Practice

On 25 November 2011, ECMI Director Tove Malloy delivered a keynote address to the Conference “Minority Rights in Practice” organized by the Research Institute on Hungarian Communities Abroad based in Budapest, Hungary. Dr. Malloy’s intervention “Managing Europe’s Regions: the right of national minorities to participation” addressed the emerging phenomenon of national minorities participating in EU policies at the regional level. Specifically, the intervention focused on participation of minorities living in border regions and how the EU’s regional policies provide opportunities for minorities to be included in local decision-making. The Conference focused on the domain of minority rights which has undergone significant changes in the two decades following the democratic transition of 1989/90 and how the issue of their implementation is still subject of discussions. In spite of the positive processes, none of the numerous national communities of East-Central-Europe is completely satisfied with their rights ensured by the majority society. Besides constrained minority rights, it is a common phenomenon that minority communities do not exercise their political, linguistic, etc. rights because they are not conscious enough of their granted rights. Legal security is also weakened by the fact that members of the national communities are often exposed to physical atrocity against which the majority society provides scant protection. The Conference aimed to share and review the best practices that may help national minorities become better acquainted with and make better use of their rights. The Research Institute on Hungarian Communities Abroad has recently been established in Budapest, Hungary under the Office of Hungarian Communities Abroad. Dr. Malloy’s paper forms part of a research effort to assess national minority citizenship in Europe within ECMI’s research cluster on “Citizenship and Ethics”.

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Place and Date: Budapest, 25 November 2011

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