ECMI participates in Polish EU Presidency Conference

From 14-16 September 2011, ECMI participated in the Polish Presidency’s International Conference “National, Ethnic and Language Minorities in EU” organized by the Marie Curie-Sklodowsklej University in Lublin, Poland. ECMI Director, Dr. Malloy participated in the key note panel on the first day, titled “Protection of national minorities in the EU – emerging model?” Dr. Malloy’s presentation discussed the new discourses in the EU in the area of Cohesion, Regional Policy and the Environment and how these may be related to a bottom-up understanding of the actions by minorities in these areas. She cautioned that it is yet too early to speak of an emerging ‘model’ of minority participation in the EU but underlined that recent research is beginning to excavate the potential of this approach.

The conference considered various aspects of national, ethnic and language minority life in the EU, including different historical experiences of minorities in the member states; historical determinants of the current status of minorities; minority protection in the European legal tradition; comparative analysis of the regulations on minorities in the systems of the EU and the national laws; evolution of national and language policies in the member states; participation of minorities in democratic political process, civic and political involvement of minorities; minorities and the evolution of contemporary European societies; migrations in EU and their influence on the status of minorities and the phenomenon of “new minorities”; European multiculturalism and minorities; contemporary European media and minorities.

The Marie Curie-Sklodowsklej University is a public institution of higher education, established in 1944 to foster the development and dissemination of knowledge. Since then, almost 137,000 students have graduated from the university and 3,000 doctoral and 640 habilitated doctoral degrees have been awarded. The University currently employs 428 professors and habilitated doctors as well as 1,286 faculty members with doctoral and master’s degrees. The University enrolls over 34,000 undergraduate and master’s level students as well as over 800 doctoral students in full-time, extramural and evening study programs.

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Date: 20 September 2011

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