ECMI participates in the panel discussion on European Roma policy under the EU Hungarian Chairmanship "Around the European Roma Policy" in the Schleswig-Holstein Parliament, Kiel

ECMI Deputy Director Ewa Chylinski is taking part in the panel discussion on the issue of better integration of Roma in Europe.  The panel will provide insights into the situation of Roma and the EU policies that the Hungarian EU Chairmanship has declared as one of its key priorities.  In the series of “Discussing with Ambassadors” meetings, the Hungarian Ambassador to Germany, Dr Jozsef Czukor  and Timea Junghaus, of the Roma Cultural Centre in Budapest will be the key speakers at the event.

The  latest events  of Roma discrimination prompted a reaction of the EU to work out a specific Roma inclusion strategy to work on national strategies to improve Roma integration and inclusion.

Roma, being the largest ethnic minority in Europe with an estimated 10-12 million people, is present in all countries, not only in the EU member states.  Therefore ECMI has established its own Roma related programme to investigate the situation of Roma in the European states, particularly in those with largest Roma populations – e.g. Romania, Serbia , Slovakia, Spain. The ECMI approach relates both to general non-discrimination policies, which cover the basic human rights aspects ,  but also to the policies of recognition of Roma as a national minority and its consequences.

Roma in the political documents of the EU institutions is used as an umbrella designation for several groups with a similar background – Sinti, Travelers etc. although the groups identify themselves otherwise. In the Balkans for example a clear distinction is made between Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians. 

Roma is also used to avoid often negative connotation with the concept of Gypsy.

For more on the ECMI Roma programme go here.


Place and date: 09.06.2011  For further information, please  contact: Ewa Chylinski at Chylinski@ecmi.de




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